Preparing For MHTCET/NEET ? 5 Mistakes To Avoid

MHTCET and NEET are considered to be amongst the top entrance exams for admission to the medical seats. Many students appear for these exams.


If you too are the one who is applying for these exams, then you need to avoid committing these 5 mistakes as you begin with your entrance exam preparation.

What are these? Well, lets go about checking it out….

  1. Not able to understand the concepts:

The fundamental concepts of each subject and each section must be clear. At the point when concepts are not clear, you will find it hard to learn and will need to mug up the answers. Mugging up answers is not recommended at all. Learn and try to grasp these in the most straightforward way and once in a while revise them to revive your memory. On the off chance that your fundamentals are strong, the learning procedure ahead will be solid as well.

  1. Not taking efforts to clear doubts:

As we study, we will undoubtedly face various theoretical snags. These doubts must be resolved without delay. Waiting on with these is a misfortune to no one but you. Hunt it on the web, ask your tutor/teacher or your companions, however get them resolved ASAP. In addition, don’t simply hear it for once and be finished. There are possibilities that in a couple of days you may forget the answers for your questions and be at point zero once more. Completely comprehend and hone the answers to your entrance exam questions and queries.

  1. Continuous study:

Everyone of us needs a break sometimes and come across the fact that you won’t study every minute of the day. So, enjoy a reprieve. Smart study is the correct approach to take. Mugging up and slogging ought not be your decision of education. It doesn’t make a difference regardless of the fact that you study just for 2 to 4 hours every day, as far as you study with all your heart. Make the most of the time at hand. So, don’t study all the time. Only a fresh mind can take in knowledge.

  1. Lack of attention in classroom:

It is necessary for you to focus your attention in the classroom when your faculties are teaching. Concentration, focus and attentiveness are fundamental. Maybe, in a classroom you may understand your doubts and on the off chance that you are shy to clarify them in a classroom full of individuals, at that point you may later clear up these doubts at your web based training classes or your personal tutor. Being attentive in class dependably makes a difference.

  1. Lack of practice of mock tests:

Appearing for mock tests for NEET entrance exam preparation is vital. It is just through solving a number of question papers that you will comprehend the paper pattern, your speed while solving the paper and the environment of the examination center. Solving just a few mock tests won’t give you the hang of the real examination. Keep in mind, practice will take you towards perfection. Mock tests are an incredible approach to comprehend your mistakes, so that you don’t repeat them on the actual day of the examination.

SayTooLoud would just like to say in the end that; the most vital thing is self confidence and trust in oneself. Without these, will just scale you down and not allow you to score as much as you can. Reach your potential and have a positive demeanor towards life.

Wishing you all the best….!!!

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