NDA Exam Preparation Tips and NDA Syllabus 2018

This blog from SayTooLoud is dedicated to the NDA exam. Your gateway to the defense services. Over here, we will be providing you with some useful NDA preparation tips followed by the NDA syllabus, as far as the Physics subject is concerned. Hopefully, these would help you to crack this top entrance exam.


Plan your study in a smart manner:

For quality NDA preparation, it is important to have a smart study plan in place. In this case, a smart study plan intends to deal with the available time and NDA syllabus effectively. Your preparation plan must be efficient with the goal that you can score heavily.

Study material:

NDA exam preparation from correct books is exceptionally necessary. Market is brimming with huge number of books. However, the thing that each book is worth, is unrealistic. You need to find out the books that would assist you in scoring good marks.

Clear the basics:

Right off the bat, analyze your total syllabus and list out the topics that require more focus. Begin preparing the topics right from the basic level. On the off chance that your fundamentals are clear, then only can you solve the high level questions.

Solve past year question papers:

It is essential to carry out the preparation in the right manner and direction. Practicing by solving past year question papers, your speed will increase and in addition you will get the feel of NDA exam pattern and difficulty level of the questions posed in the exam.

Concentrate on English and General Knowledge subject:

English proficiency is needed for clearing the NDA examination. Your English isn’t just tried in the written test, yet in the event that you have English fluency, at that point, it might leave a good impact on selectors, during an interview.

As General Knowledge is a part of the NDA syllabus, so prepare it well. You can solid your GK partition by perusing daily papers, magazines, diaries, allude books of noticeable essayists that attention on current undertakings, and so on.

Maintaining your health and overall personality:

Your selection in NDA is dependent not just on your performance in the written test, health and personality likewise assumes a noteworthy part in it. It is recommended to every one of the aspirants to

keep themselves fit and healthy with the help of adequate food and water. Other than this, likewise incline towards yoga or some another form of exercise or meditation to be free from stress. So, kindly plan your NDA preparation accordingly.

So, these were some proven strategies that you can adopt for NDA preparation.

Now, we will move on to the syllabus, as far as Physics is concerned…

NDA syllabus (Physics):

Following topics are a part of the NDA exam syllabus:

Motion of objects

Physical Properties & States of Matter, Mass, Weight, Volume, Density & Specific Gravity,

Simple Electrical Circuits,

Sound waves and their properties

Use of X-Rays

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Principle of Archimedes

Measurement of Electrical Power

Spherical mirrors and Lenses

Primary and Secondary Cells

Mariner’s Compass

Measurement of temperature and heat

Human Eye,

Static and Current Electricity,

conductors and Non-conductors,

Ohm’s Law


Lighting and Magnetic effects of Current

Properties of a Magnet

Earth as a Magnet






Natural and Artificial Magnets

Pressure Cooker

Thermos Flask







Lightening Conductors

Safety Fuses

Simple Pendulum

Elementary ideas of work

Velocity and Acceleration

Simple musical instruments

Power and Energy

Rectilinear propagation of Light

Reflection and refraction

Effects of Heat,

Change of State and Latent Heat

Modes of transference of Heat

Simple Pulleys

Pressure Barometer

Force and Momentum

Parallelogram of Forces

Stability and Equilibrium of bodies


That was regarding the details of NDA exam with respect to the syllabus and some useful preparation tips. Best of luck !!!

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