MBA Exams: Top Tips To Crack MBA Entrance Exams After 12th and Graduation

Considered to be amongst the top entrance exams in India, MBA entrance exams pose a challenge before students. But if the preparation is carried out in a proper manner, it is not that difficult to crack it.

Following are a few top tips to help you out during preparation for MBA exams:


Have your basic concepts cleared:

Many individuals simply don’t focus on the basics. They are not clear with their basic concepts and want to answer some of the most difficult and complex problems. Majority of the entrance tests don’t put forth difficult questions, however, they pose questions related to some of the basic formulas.

Discover a short method to solve any problem:

Trying to solve problems with the help of brute force strategy or a traditional technique isn’t fitting every-time. CAT toppers try to solve majority of the problems utilizing some offbeat and short methods. That’s the trick!

A useful technique whether you are appearing for the entrance exam after 12th or graduation.

Be well acquainted with the syllabus, exam pattern:

One of the first and the major aspect for cracking the CAT or some other MBA entrance exam is to be acquainted with the syllabus, exam pattern and channelize your studies according to that. The reason being, here the primary goal is to crack any of the MBA examinations. So, in the event that you are targeting the CAT exam, it will consist of the quantitative aptitude section comprising of fundamental maths of 12th standard difficulty level. Questions will be asked from different areas from the fields like Commercial Maths, Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry. Other than this, the test paper will likewise incorporate logical reasoning, data interpretation and verbal ability section to test your knowledge into the basics of English grammar.

Do not compare your results with anyone else:

You are not competing against your peers. You are appearing for the MBA entrance for getting admission in a good MBA college. It is recommended to compare your performance with your past performance. That’s it. Remember this if you wish to succeed at MBA exams. Comparison with others, will do you no good.

Refer online resources for MBA entrance exam:

Other than purchasing books from the physical stores for your MBA entrance test, you can likewise get to ponder material online. This is perhaps more affordable and a time effective way to reach out to quality study material. There are countless sites and reliable online material that would be glad to assist you with quality examination material for cracking MBA exams. In case you don’t know which are the best books and where to discover them, there are a number of online forums where you can pose a question and have it replied by the experts in a split second.

Don’t just learn from the mistakes, also learn from your correct answers:

A significant mistake all aspirants make is the point at which they find any answer to be correct, they don’t try to check , if their strategy was that efficient/time saving or right. This makes them more inclined to commit errors in the future. One of the key aspects to crack top entrance exams like MBA.

Do not underestimate the importance of online mock tests:

The significance, contribution and role of online mock tests to crack the MBA entrance test can never be denied. When you are finished with the fundamental preparation, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to appear for the online mock test. Appear for online mock tests at regular interims. This will enable you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. The more you appear for the mock tests; better your command is on the related subjects. Appearing for mock tests once, better twice, still better weekly will enable you to review knowledge, more speed, efficiency and accuracy to score higher in the entrance test for MBA.

Do not opt for longer breaks to study before the CAT exam (7 days is acceptable):

Some working professionals opt for longer breaks, however, one thing is pretty clear… Longer breaks don’t work and personally, no one opts for a break to study the complete syllabus. Be it MBA entrance exam after 12th or graduation. A break is taken for revising the entire portion and analyze the mistakes and resolved problems.

Obtain quality study material for the MBA entrance exam:

One of the major advantages of joining a training institute is that you get a pre-prepared section wise study material and guidance for the MBA entrance test. Be that as it may, bear in mind you have to spend a lot of moolah for this. Notwithstanding, that definitely doesn’t mean you won’t have the capacity to match it all by yourself. All that is required is to get the quality study material accessible in bounty out there in the market. Get the past question papers, sample papers, preparatory books, question banks and so on from the famous authors. Correct study material basically implies, it is half job done.

Abstain from going for difficult, complex and time consuming problems:

Before appearing for the MBA exams, first fix what is your objective. You could probably have two goals.

– Cracking the MBA entrance test

– Get a sense of self lift or get a kick by answering the most difficult and time taking problems

One can be certain that you are not appearing for the exam to fulfill the second objective. On the off chance that you are there to satisfy the second one, then you are taking the wrong path.

Do not go for perfecting any concept towards the end or do not reply on any crap and long formulas that aren’t helpful:

MBA entrance exams happen to be competitive exams and not your regular academic exams, so any measure of cramming formulas or learning at the last minute wouldn’t help you in any capacity. Try not to attempt to learn any new topic in the last seven days from the date of the exam.

That was regarding top tips to crack MBA entrance exams. Hope you find this blog to be useful.

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