College Entrance Exams: Do They Really Count?

While usually our blogs speak about latest entrance exams; over here, we are going to talk about college entrance exams and whether they hold importance in the current scenario.


  • The debate:

Over the past ten years, college entrance tests have seen significant changes to manage scoring issues, yet numerous adversaries of these exams assert that scoring results can even now be effortlessly controlled. A few colleges as of late have started putting a greater amount of emphasis on different sorts of criteria for those seeking admissions and the rest have discarded prominent tests like the SAT or the ACT for admission applications.

  • In which scenarios do they don’t matter much?

In the event that you are applying to an in-state university or college, the scores on your SATs or ACTs may not count that much. Universities or colleges will mention too on their selection criteria in the event that they are searching for high SAT or ACT scores, and schools will likewise mention on the off chance that they don’t acknowledge scores of these tests as a part of their admission process.

  • In what cases do they really count?

Entrance tests for community colleges, 2 year degree programmes or four-year degree programmes, similar to the SAT and the ACT, tend to consider more on the off chance that you are applying to an out-of-state school, a school with the help of a scholarship programme or a school which is recognized on a national level for academic excellence.

Albeit a few schools are getting rid of admission exams, numerous colleges and universities still emphasize on exam test scores to help analyze new student applications. Exams for graduate schools, similar to the MCAT, GMAT, GRE and LSAT are still critical on graduate school applications – and any new candidates must take these tests seriously and do all that they can to prepare and perform well.

Final words…..

The main consideration on the significance of college entrance tests: dependably check the universities or colleges you wish to apply to for their admission process. Start looking into regardless of whether you require stellar SAT or ACT scores no less than one to two years prior to even you start applying to colleges; at that point, you can begin your entrance exam preparation for these tests if needed. Remember that while colleges may utilize exam scores as a part of their admission process, it is as yet imperative to make a balanced application which will incorporate something additional than test scores.

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