Best way to prepare for NEET or AIPMT – Preparation tips for medical entrance exam

Best way to prepare for NEET is to prepare step by step with respect to every subject and let us see how to do it in detail.

Best way to prepare for NEET

Subject wise tips for NEET preparation

Let’s understand the basics of preparing the three subjects.


1.NEET Preparation Tips for studying Physics

The basic concepts that are mentioned in the NCERT Books must be understood well before preparing for Physics. This will help you in being thorough for your board exams and the next is grooming your basics for higher education. All you need to do is follow these NEET preparation tips for 2018. From the basics, you can prepare most complicated ones and the best books for Neet preparation are Concepts of Physics by HC Verma or Objective Physics by DC Pandey. After going through the concepts practice al the problems on a daily basis.

2.NEET Preparation Tips for studying Chemistry

There are theories, problems, and equations in Chemistry. Apart from studying NCERT books, you can also refer books from the best authors to have a good conceptual knowledge. Note down significant points and get to know that it will be better in the future after revising. It is always good to practice the equations and problems and refer the best books for Neet Preparation like Modern’s ABC of Chemistry for class XI and XII, or Dinesh’s Chemistry.

3.NEET Preparation Tips for studying Biology

MBBS and BDS are the two medical streams and biology is the mainstream to enter into the medical line. When compared to Physics and Chemistry, this subject has lots of weightage. The Best Books for Neet Preparation are NCERT Books of Biology and Trueman’s Biology Volume 1 and 2.



Tips and Tricks for NEET Preparation:

  • Create a Study Plan

  • NEET candidates will definitely perform well by working out their plan and planning out their work and dedicating time for all the subjects.

  • Select important topics and cover them

  • Give proper weightage and balance to each subject

  • Fix to the Timetable

Workout previous year’s NEET papers

This will definitely enhance your preparation level and it will also assist in time management capability. Speed and Accuracy will be enhanced by working out the last year papers. You will get a rough idea and confidence in solving the problem.

Focus More on Weaker Subjects: Focus more on the subjects where you lag behind and practice problems on a daily basis. Practice problems regularly and ask for help from your coach. You will get a good sense of confidence.

Best way to prepare for NEET is to manage the time in solving all the questions correctly and you can keep in mind about definitions, formulae, codes, and diagrams.

Don’t be a bookworm:

Prepare well in regular time intervals which will assist you to focus better on tough topics.

Book Materials:

Best books for Neet Preparation play a significant role in clearing the competitive exams. Refer various books to get the concept clearly.

Follow these steps to stay in touch with NEET Preparation

  1. NCERT is quite significant

  2. Never ignore any subject

  3. Maintain proper Balance

  4. Refer fewer books

Don’t stop your preparation:

You can memorize well with the help of proper revision and keep your practice on always. Here are few ways to revise:

  1. Revise every month

  2. Make Self-notes

  3. Attempt various Mock tests

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