Want To Work In The Learning and Development Field? Things You Need To Know

The “Learning and Development” field is one of the career options available these days. Being a comparatively newer field, not many know about what it has to offer.

Presenting before you a few things you need to know about this field:

  • What is it?

In case you’re an effective communicator who is thinking of a career assisting people build up their aptitudes at work, L&D could provide the ideal career opportunities for you.

Learning and Development (L&D) is a domain that spotlights on giving and managing work related training to employees and people in general.

Those functional in this field, will for the most part be in charge of building up a workforce’s skills and practical abilities – with responsibilities that include everything from the design and mangement of learning programmes, to the practical conveyance of training.

  • Job opportunities:

This field offers an extensive range of opportunities, both at junior and senior positions – implying it’s a good career choice to seek for individuals at all phases of their career.

Below are a few of the most widely recognized L&D roles:

– Sales Trainer

– L&D Advisor

– Talent Acquisition Consultant

– L&D Manager etc…

  • Industries I can work in:

While L&D experts are most regular inside the HR and sales businesses, roles can be discovered almost everywhere. All things considered, a skilled workforce is the key to the smooth functioning of each organization.

Most generally, they work at:

– Retail companies

– Manufacturing companies

– Health services

– Education institutes

– Law and finance firms etc….

You can consider taking a career aptitude test to know if you are made for this field.

  • Required skills:

Employers in this field, look for the following skills:

– Problem solving ability

– Good time management

– Motivational skills

– Organizational skills

– Interpersonal skills

– Skill to advise and inform others clearly

– Creativity and initiative

  • Experience:

The amount of experience you’ll need will rely upon the particular role you’re applying for – however anything that shows your leadership and motivational abilities is bound to boost your application.

Past experience in relevant fields (e.g. HR and admin) is likewise significant to recruiters.

  • Minimum qualification:

You don’t really require a degree to begin a career in L&D, as professional qualifications and hands-on experience are all the more sought after by recruiters.

Internationally recognized courses enable you to demonstrate your professional capability; via the learning of core principles, aptitudes, and collaborative methods.

Seek career counseling to know about the various prospects with regards to this and other career fields.

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