Understanding Career Planning

As we continue with our blogs on career guidance help, in this blog, we will try to understand the concept called career planning.


Career planning alludes to planning your own particular career – you are aware of your objective, you devise your means and you follow them.

The process of career planning involves four distinct steps which are as follows:

  1. Being aware of yourself

  2. Finding out

  3. Taking decisions

  4. Take action

Career planning forms an important aspect of career counseling.

Choose which step is relevant for you at present and begin from that point.

Majority of the times, youngsters opt for a course/career thinking what is there in the job market. This may prompt a troublesome situation as the truth about the market is never consistent; it continues to change with the economic condition, presentation of new technology and need of the general population or system. In the event that you take after the below process, at that point you can acclimate to the market reality if necessary and achieve success inside a specific time period.

Pointers on career planning:

  • Get to know your strengths

  • Make use of your strengths- how you identify with your current educational qualifications and work force.

  • Discover what are you really interested in. Remember how you infer the process what you are truly inspired by.

  • At whatever point there is an uncertainty, you have to return to your strengths and sync your strengths with the market reality. Or maybe, hone a few skills to change in accordance with the market reality.

  • Whatever you could be planning, you should know about what is required to have been done (academic qualifications/experience and so on).

  • Check what your current status is. What you are doing well at this point.

Effective HR management is a perfect combination of career planning, development and successive planning. All three of these are interconnected.

An organization sans career planning and career development activities is probably going to experience the most astounding rate of attrition, leading to much harm in case of their plans and projects.

That was all about career planning. You can also seek professional career help, which is easily available these days.

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