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In this blog from SayTooLoud, we will be talking about fashion designing courses after 10th and it’s career options, colleges list & jobs prospects. Here is A useful piece of information for all the fashion designing enthusiasts.

fashion designing course after 10th

The Indian society at large has turned out to be exceedingly aware of the style statement. They are prepared to invest more on their attire and garments. These aspects show that the field of fashion has a growing future in India. A promising future suggests that there are numerous job opportunities that will be made available in this industry.

Fashion designing isn’t just about garment designing. There are numerous fields and verticals in the world of fashion like attire design, leather design, fashion communication, sales, textiles, manufacturing and fashion photography. Quite a few of the fashion industry courses are available in India which focus on these verticals. Fashion designing course after 10th included.

A fashion designing course after 10th comprises of the new technological concepts and design for clothing and accessories. You will be getting information about the courses in this field that can be pursued after the tenth class. This industry is growing at a fast pace in India. Faster globalization is a propelling aspect that supports the growth of this industry. It is a very different industry and gives numerous job opportunities to profoundly inventive and skilled individuals.

You need particular skills with a specific end goal to have a successful career. The fashion field isn’t that varied. You are required to hone some skills and qualities that will help you in succeeding in this extensive field. The aptitudes required for this field are sketching, drawing, fashion sense, visualization innovativeness, presentation abilities, technical skills and networking skills.

There are two choices available for the students who have cleared the 10th class and these are the Diploma and certificate courses.

There are some good courses in Punjab such as Diploma in Fashion Technology, Diploma in Apparel design, Diploma in Fashion Technology.

There are quite a few certificate courses as well like textile design, footwear design, accessory design etc.

Options for fashion designing course after 10th in Punjab are as follows:

– Fashion Designing Course in Chandigarh

Duration- 2 Years

– Fashion Photography Course in Chandigarh

Duration- 3 months/6 months

– Fashion CAD Course in Chandigarh

Duration- 1 year/2 year

Fashion Designing Courses After 10th options across India:

Post 10th standard, students are not qualified to seek after Bachelor’s Degree courses. This implies there are just two options available before the 10th passed students namely:

– Certificate courses

– Diploma courses

These happen to be the two course formats present before those, who need to study fashion designing courses post 10th standard! How about we look at some of the popular courses!

– Certificate courses:

  • Footwear Design

  • Fashion Design

  • Leather Design

  • Jewelery Design

  • Textile Design

  • Accessory Design

– Diploma courses:

  • Diploma in Visual Merchandising

  • Diploma in Fashion Technology

  • Diploma in Textile Design

  • Diploma in Fashion Design

  • Diploma in Leather Design

  • Diploma in Apparel Design

  • Diploma in Retail Merchandising

  • Diploma in Jewelery Design

  • Diploma in Fashion Photography

  • Desired Skills:

Irrespective of the field, you are required to possess a specific set of skills, for a successful career in it. The field of Fashion Designing is no exception! Having certain qualities and skills will allow you to flourish in this very field. They happen to be as follows-

– Sketching/DrawingTop Fashion Designing Course After 10th Options

– Fashion sense

– Creativity

– Presentation skills

– Networking skills

– Visualization

– Technical skills such as Cutting, Knitting, Sewing etc..

Listed above are some of the primary skills required by this field, and Fashion Designing Courses After 10th prove to be useful in acquiring these skills.

  • Fashion Designing Career Options and Job Prospects:

Based on the course one chooses, the various job profiles available before aspirants are-

– Fashion Designer

– Creative Designer

– Fashion Photographer

– Stylist

– Sales Manager

– Textile Designer

– Fashion Forecaster

– Store Manager

and so on…

  • Top 9 Colleges/Institutes for Fashion Designing Courses after 10th:

– National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore etc.

– Sophia SBKS Polytechnic, Mumbai

– Indian Institute of Fashion and Animation, Bangalore

– Wigan and Leigh College India, New Delhi

– JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi

– Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

– Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi

– Apeejay Institute of Design, Delhi

– LISAA School of Design, Bangalore

Admission to any of the above colleges/institutes would ensure a strong foundation, for a career in Fashion Designing.

We took a look at details of fashion designing course after 10th in India. In future, we will also look at some of the other course details.

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