Top Career Options: A List Of Engineering Diploma Courses After 10th and 12th Arts

SayTooLoud has compiled for you, a list of diploma courses after 10th in Engineering along with diploma courses after 12th arts. Hope these would help you in pursuing your desired career choice.


1. Best Distance Engineering Diploma Courses After 10th:

Diploma in Civil Engineering:

Diploma holders in Civil Engineering have ample job opportunities over the degree holders. In sectors like construction, the civil engineer diploma holders own a great value. Subsequent to finishing your part time Diploma in Civil Engineering you can seek for a job and simultaneously pursue B. Tech in civil engineering.

Computer Engineering Diploma:

In the wake of passing 10th standard, you can straightforwardly get enlisted to distance learning diploma in computer engineering. This is a 3 year duration course in which you will obtain the basic knowledge of the software development, networking, integrated systems, embedded systems, hardware, testing and so forth.

Mechanical Engineering Diploma courses after 10th:

The best thing about the Part Time Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is that is by no means lesser than rest of the diploma programmes conducted by various universities. The primary aim of this diploma course is to offer the custom training course to the students and set them up as a Mechanical Engineering Professional so they can do their job with great enthusiasm. Those students who have incredible enthusiasm for the production and manufacturing sector can opt for this course after class tenth itself and make a career for themselves in this very field.

Electronics and Communication Diploma:

On the off chance that you are interested in the analysis, design and production of the electronic and comm. Circuits, at that point, taking admission to a Diploma in Electronics and comm is the best decision you can make. Lots of distance learning universities offers part time diploma in Electronics and communication. Post the diploma, you can likewise get direct admission in the second year of B. Tech in this very course.

Electrical Engineering Diploma courses after 10th:

On the off chance that the electric engineering stream interests you the most and you are confused regarding how to make the initial move towards your dream, at that point Distance Diploma in Electrical Engineering after class tenth is the solution to your query. In the wake of completing 3 years of diploma in electrical engineering, you can likewise additionally go for higher studies in this field. This part time diploma will teach you the basic things of this field and you would then be able to additionally do the profound study in the same field by going for higher studies.

Now, we move on to the…

2. Courses after 12th Arts:

Bachelor of Arts (BA):

Under BA, you will get an assortment of courses relying on your interests. BA is for the most part useful for the individual who is looking at making a career in the field of teaching, Politics, Journalism, Social service and so forth. The subtle elements of each subject in BA is as specified underneath.

BA in Economics:

On the off chance that you are looking towards economics in your graduation, you must be clear as to what you need to end up becoming subsequent to completing graduation in economics, you can do a job in the private sector, BPO, KPO and so on and furthermore you can create a bright future in the field of teaching jobs you can procure a good compensation in the field of education, however, it will be dependably an additional advantage in the event that you finish post-graduation in this stream, even you can apply for different government jobs in the wake of finishing BA.

A good option if you are looking for bachelor and diploma courses after 12th Arts.

BA in Journalism:

The name itself is self explanatory. This is opted by students who need to end up as a Journalist. What’s more, on the off chance that you have the aptitude to become a journalist, you are without a doubt going to get good income in future. In this field, you will mainly study subjects, e.g. Photography, media, advertising, media laws, human rights and so on.

BA in English:

This course after 12th Arts is all about gaining knowledge of the English language. This course is suitable for students who wish to start a career in English. Indeed, even you can land positions in Media, Advertising, and so forth. As of late the prevalence of this stream is getting low. Before couple of years when English was known, just some of the highly educated people, this course possessed value and now everybody beginning from the first standard knows to communicate in English.

Same as we stated in case of BA-English, this course has diverse languages such as Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and so on. While you will see BA – Hindi and BA – English subject normally in each state the other subjects such as Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil and so forth relies upon each state and will differ.

BA in Fashion Designing:

This amongst the high in demand courses as of late. As everybody knows, the fashion trends are altering each day and the scope and job opportunities are likewise growing. Post completion of this course, you can even opt for higher studies, or you can function as a stylist, Apparel designer, Fashion designer and so on.. In the event that you have the innovativeness and passion for turning into a good fashion designer, you can even work from your home and earn big.

BA in Psychology:

The meaning of the term Psychology is the study about human minds and conduct. So, as the meaning implies, you will learn about the diverse mentality, conduct and considering different kinds of individuals. Subsequent to finishing this course, you can do the job of a motivator, Psychiatric Technician, career counselor and so on.

Do think about this course after 12th Arts option.


This course is for those who wish to become a Lawyer, and on the off chance that you have the capability to be a good lawyer you will procure a big amount in future and it doesn’t come easy and it requires diligent work and skills. This happens to be an integrated course with 5 years of academics. You need to appear for the entrance test to apply for this course. Also, you can go for masters degree in law subsequent to completing this course.

A promising career option for 12th Arts pass outs.

BA in Sociology:

Here is a course where you mostly learn about society. The diverse cultures, the conduct of various societies and so forth… In the wake of undergoing this, you can opt to work in social works, Administration, government jobs, Market review and so on.

BA in Political Science:

This is a stream where you study for the most part about the political system of India, the political system across the globe, Government policies in various countries, information about Indian constitution, Public administration, judiciary and so forth. You can land positions in different government organizations and just in case you are looking for a future in public service, this course will be a decent ground for your career.

Bachelor courses after 12th Arts:

Bachelor of Social Works (BSW):

Under BSW, you basically study about various philosophies of social work, community work, welfare administrations, and various techniques for social work. You will find out about the services towards humanity, and the popularity associated with this course is rising and the general public truly needs individuals with helping attitude. You will land positions in different human service organizations subsequent to finishing this course. It’s tailor-made for individuals who adore serving or helping Human Beings.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA):

This course is identified with the ability you have in various arts such as Music, Painting, Music instruments, Dancing and so on. In this, you learn about the history, development, and culture identified with the art you pick. The individuals who select this course particularly to their interest, won’t need to work in different fields on the off chance that you are good in the art and this will help you to get good earning in the future.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM):

This is the course in which you will learn all the things related to the Hotel sector. This industry is one of the quickly developing trends these days, so, the requirement of hotel management professionals likewise increases. As a part of this course, you are not by any stretch of the imagination studying only the management of a hotel, you will learn each and everything from the basics of this field like the distinctive demands from customers, catering customers, liquors and so forth. Indeed, even you will get this course in various private establishments as well.

Diploma courses after 12th Arts:

Diploma courses after 12th Arts can likewise be opted for. There are a number of Diploma courses for students, e.g. Diploma in Fashion Designing, Diploma in Animation, Diploma in Interior Designing and so on.

That was a pretty exhaustive list of courses after 10th and 12th Arts.

So, based on your interest, opt for the right course and set up your career.

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