Top 7 High Paying IT/Technology Industry Careers

Everybody knows that the tech industry is a career option which offers high salaried jobs. But which are the job roles/titles that provide good packages?


Well, here are top 7 of them, just for you:

Web developer:

With organizations and companies both large and small, eager to have front line, visually capturing sites, talented web developers are highly prized possessions. Solid knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and WordPress is fundamental yet so too is an eye for design and a hunger to learn the most latest web techniques. Numerous university courses instruct advanced web development abilities.

Hardware and Networking engineer:

Computers need to communicate with each other; employees need to converse with each other. A network engineer chips away at the network infrastructure of an organization, fabricating and configuring solid firewalls, investigating outages and scheduling updates. There is a lot of work out there on account of the wide number of banks, retailers and workplaces that need solid networks.

IT Manager:

Having the capacity to manage a venture from start to finish is very rewarding and involves a lot of planning and assessment, not to state the confidence to alter course if required and impart that to the staff. IT managers need to watch out for spending plans, timescales and benchmarks and comprehend the necessities of their clients.

Software engineer:

Requiring good analytical abilities and an urge for details, software engineers blend their knowledge into maths, engineering and computer science to design, develop, test and assess the softwares. There is a more noteworthy demand for good software engineers than any time in recent memory, on account of a developing number of start-ups and a rise in tech intricacy. There are additionally many jobs inside large government organizations, manufacturing, plus the various educational institutes.

Database Administrator:

Since organizations need to deal with a great deal of data, a viable database framework is vital. The data must be protected, routinely backed up, sorted for convenience and subject to specific authorizations and privileges. Analytical minds acquainted with the standards of database design and the primary data manipulation languages are needed, with successful applicants having a background in computer science, maths, IT, electronics or operational research.

Software programmer:

This one is an ideal employment for the individuals who like getting their hands dirty with code. Developers can be called upon to create tightly written applications, enhancement in existing code, emerge with new features or provide the premise for operating external machinery. Understanding languages, e.g. C++ and Python and having the capacity to take care of issues will open up a universe of work.

Artificial Intelligence:

It was the case that AI was a specialty career opportunity yet as technology has propelled the number of employments has developed in this extremely challenging and exciting field. Roles exist inside programming, systems design and software development and it can be utilized to take care of practical issues for organizations and in addition consumer products, e.g. the upcoming voice-activated aide gadget Amazon Echo.

These were a few high paying tech industry careers for you. Before entering into any career, take the help of a career counseling service. This would prove to be beneficial for you.

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