Top 6 Computer Jobs for the future|Best Computer Courses list after 12th and Graduation

There are lots of candidates who are struggling to choose the right career and for them, on this blog, we provide information regarding Best Computer Courses list after 12th and Graduation which has a great scope.

Top and Best Computer Courses List After 12th and Graduation

Let us see the Best Computer Courses you need to know:

1.Web Developer: Frequently chosen in the Computer Courses List

Nowadays everything uses the Internet and there are lots of products launched online with varied services which promote their market value. Here is where web developers come into the picture. There are lots of increased job opportunities in social media networking and other Web 2.0 Communities etc. You can join the computer courses after 10th and make your career in this field.

2.Enhanced scope in IT Security Specialist

There are lots of IT executives and hiring managers who are facing high threat concerns with respect to Security as there is a steady increase in cyber attacks. There are lots of good scope and opportunities for technology professionals for enhancing their security skills and ability. The main job profile includes IT operations security, mobile device security, information assurance, risk management, network, and cloud or virtualization security. Enroll yourself in Computer Courses after graduation.

3.Database Administrator: a great job profile

Among the Computer Courses list, this is quite an important job profile which spurs the requirement for trained and professionally certified DBAs for storing, analyzing, organizing and securing this data. Apart from this as there are lots of databases that are linked to the Internet and Cloud, data security will have enhanced difficulty and significance. If you have good information security skills along with database or developer skills then you can get selected for securing corporate databases from hackers and other security threats.

4.Become a Mobile Application Developer

As there are lots of smart phones unveiling in the market, the scope of becoming a mobile application developer is very high. There is a good enhancement in communication and businesses with the development of smart phones and tablet. Apart from that, there is a great need for news and entertainment with innovative games. There are lots of companies offering a job for Android and Apple iOS developers. Join the computer courses after 12th standard and become a successful professional.

5.Software Engineer

There is a steady increase in the demand for software engineers with proliferation and technological advancements for new network technologies that are coming. For instance, an enhanced company takes over of cloud and virtualization methods will have huge vacancy in the requirement for software engineers for developing safe web-based programs. The digital data processing systems need to be upgraded and implemented by the software engineers. Thus they will never be unemployed and they are also quite significant in the computer courses list.

6.Video Game Designer

In the last ten years, there has been a steady increase in the gaming industry with more than 65 billion dollar investment. There are high demands for PC games and traditional console with a great fame for processing power and graphics capabilities of mobile devices which has unveiled a great scope of employment for game artists, designers, and programmers.

Best Computer Courses After 12th

Nowadays everywhere computers are used whether it is a college, university or an organization. Let us see few listed course below for choosing the best computer courses after 12th:

  1. BCA

  2. Sc (Computer Science)

  3. Diploma in Computer Engineering/ IT

  4. B.Tech/B.E. (Computer Sciences/IT)

Best Computer Courses After Graduation

There are lots of job profile like calculations, Technical work, data entry and billing which has been digitized for acquiring an ideal result. Let us check out the best computer courses after Graduation:

  1. Java

  2. SEO/SMO

  3. DCS Plus

  4. Microsoft.NET

  5. Smart Professional OST

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