Top 5 Most Commonly Committed Career Mistakes

To err is human….Everyone knows this saying. This applies in the case of career building as well. We all commit mistakes as we go through the process of making career choices. But what are the most common mistakes committed by aspirants?

Well, let’s check out…


  1. Not being updated:

The technology and business scene is evolving pretty quickly. You may be great in your present work. On the off chance that you don’t instill the attitude of on-going learning, through updating yourself with evolving technology, new systems, tools and business in your work zone, your skill-set will wind up being obsolete, in the long run.

Thus, based on the career option you choose, stay updated at all times.

  1. Comfort zone:

It is correctly said that “Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone”.

In the event that you realize that you are staying in the comfort zone, you have to purposely push yourself to the next higher career objective. Welcome the change in a proactive manner and hone new skills to adapt to change. Set yourself ambitious long haul and short term career goals and bet everything with your earnest attempts to accomplish it.

  1. Lack of nurturing network:

The power of professional network assumes a vital part in your career success. You have to develop your network all the time. Going to events, gatherings, other corporate social gatherings is the most ideal approach to develop your network. Many individuals get new opportunities in view of the references, whom they know, as opposed to what they know.

  1. Assuming job security:

Assuming job security in the present working environment would be a major blunder. You might be a standout in your organization yet, in the event that business itself changes, your skills may not be needed any longer. Regardless of the possibility that you did no wrong, you may be made redundant. After all, it’s simply business.

You ought to be prepared for such a circumstance, with the goal that you can find another job in the most brief time possible.

You can also take the help of career counseling, in such a scenario.

  1. Money ahead of work:

Highest paying jobs doesn’t mean the best opportunity for your career growth and development. The choices made solely on the money aspect lead to career setback at some point of time.

Career choices should be based on 3 aspects namely: Skills, interests and money.

Having an insight into these most common career mistakes, would help you to avoid them.

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