Top 13 Out of The Box Career Options and Choices

Presenting you with 13 awesome different career choices that do exist, and you can never think of about these 13 out of the box career options !

Let’s get started:


1. Air traffic controller:

Post schooling and proper training, it pays on an average, 100k per year, however, there is an age limit to get acknowledged in this field.

Average annual income: $118,780

2. Dental hygienist:

Majority dental hygiene courses just require a specific measure of essential courses and a sanctioned test score for admission confirmation. Majority are graduate degree programs also, so, parents are satisfied and you’re investing the negligible measure of time you would acquiring a conventional university/college degree. Additionally, compensation begins at 50-60k per year with ludicrous advantages. Dentists give good treatment to their hygienists!

Average annual income: $71,970

3. Land surveying or Geomatic engineering:

The average age of a surveyor in the California state is in the mid to late fifties, which implies you will land a job position out of college and you can rapidly climb your way up to a conventional six figure salary once you get your professional permit.

Average annual income: $60,310

4. Anesthesiology assistant:

You need to do a premed track in UG, however then opt for a two-year masters training program which has 100% placement and the average beginning pay is around 120k.

Average annual income for an identical position*: $97,280

5. Audiologist or hearing aid practitioner:

Employments all over. Same applies for speech pathologists. A graduate degree is needed and a considerable measure of clinical hours, state certification, yet the compensation is incredible and jobs are copious. Work is remunerating as well, helping individuals convey who generally couldn’t is pretty rad.

Average annual income: $76,790

6. Hospital technology repair:

It’s known to be an extremely strong industry to get in on. Medical equipments (even on the littler scale, defibrillators, infusion pumps and compact suction machines) are absurdly overpriced, and with this comes colossal support costs as well. Conclusion? These guys are in great demand.

Average annual income: $48,540

7. Mining Engineers:

There are global career opportunities, particularly in the event that you are qualified from a Western University. Mining Engineers in the US make somewhat less (~$65k) however, for the measure of individuals working for $30k at master level in different industries, you can’t generally whine. You do need to be prepared to stay in remote regions.

Average annual income: $100,970

8. Blacksmiths:

Very few individuals are aware that this profession still exists in today’s society. One believes that a degree course is only available at the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. It includes making knives, hammers, pedestals etc. There is known to be quite a job market for this profession.

Average annual salary for similar position*: $56,560

9. Funeral director:

Not one of them earns under $50k. One of the qualified mortician science school at 20 and began making $60k as an apprentice and in several years he’ll be an out and out embalmer making twice that.

Average annual salary: $52,130

10. Technical Writing:

It’s an intriguing and exciting profession for individuals with diverse qualifications (everything from an aesthetic sciences degree to engineering). In short, you get the chance to know the latest about technologies, by writing operation manuals.

Average annual salary: $71,950

11. Tower technician:

It’s an ideal profession on the off chance that you like working outside, love heights and appreciate traveling. It’s difficult to get bored when you’re in another town consistently working with folks who have your back. The cool thing is you needn’t bother about a college degree, or any sort of education.

Average annual salary: $49,880

12. Auditing:

Big companies have management training rotations in audit as a result of the hazard/controls information you get and the expansive comprehension of procedures, so it’s certainly a decent track to leadership.

Average annual salary: $76,670

13. Physician Assistant:

The short of this is a two to two and half year long post-graduate program, and after that you’re ready to work in the business with a similarly high state of independence and procuring six figures accomplishing something that outcomes in a single feeling as if they’re having some kind of difference.

Average annual salary: $97,280

Best 4 Out of The Box Career Options

In addition to the above mentioned, here are a few more out of the box career options, for those interested.


Be it a yearning for long lasting fun and frolic or your desire to just set an example, Here is a place where you can accomplish everything of the above and more. A career in this domain not just opens a variety of opportunities for you, but in addition provides you a chance to meet up individuals who till this point, you just idolized.


Photography presents you the best profession, to satisfy your lust for wandering. Click, Explore, Repeat! Not simply do you get a chance to see different parts of the world loaded with possibilities and natural beauty, but also you can catch it through your lenses, as a lifetime memory. Think of anything better than this?

Planning and Event Management:

Whether it is a birthday party in the neighborhood, reception or planning a wedding, no one can tell what gets you a proposal for arranging the following years Filmfare Awards Ceremony! All that you require is the capability to do head-spinning work and some “contacts”.


Be it the expression of hatred, love, leisure etc. Nothing better than words to express them! Additionally that lazy streak in you can continue to be a part of you, since there is no such thing as rush or hurry to your workplace or office, ‘work from home’ is the means by which you will have your friends and near dear ones, envy you!

Choosing any one amongst these out of the box career options would ensure a satisfying, at the same time a good earning career for you. You would be into something different than the usual stuff.

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