Top 10 Lucrative Career Options In India

There are a few career options that stand out from the others, owing to their different attributes such as the high paying jobs they offer, the glamor quotient surrounding them etc.

top career options

Which amongst these are present in India? We are going to find out in this blog.

Chartered Accountants:

This profession can be termed as the core of every other profession as keeping financial records and accounts is a necessity for any organization public or private. This course can be exceptionally demanding and requires a great deal of diligent work yet upon completing it successfully, you can look for a stipend of Rs 5 – 8 Lakh each annum in the starting phases itself.

Software Programmers:

Professionals in this field ought to be very much updated with the most recent technologies and abilities to remain a contemporary part of this field. A software developer proposing SAP services can get up to 12 lakh per annum.

Known to be a glamorous and well paid career choice.

The Entertainment World:

Entertainment industry, fundamentally movies and TV, offer big financial provisions to individuals. Fame is specifically corresponding to the income in this field. Models and actors with standard roles can move up the step of success on the off chance that they perform reliably. One needs to keep a considerable measure of patience to achieve your goal, however once you do, there is no stopping you.

Management Professionals:

A standout amongst the most glamorous careers in India, this course requires high comprehension of corporate know how along with management aptitudes. In the event that you wish for career opportunities that draw huge salary packages from this field, go for MBA from premium institutes such as XLRI, IIMs, FMS, IIFT etc. among others. The average beginning pay of an MBA guy is 10 – 12 lakhs per annum.

Legal Professionals:

In light of their experience and track record, advocates charge huge fee for the services they offer. Compensations in the govt. sectors are according to the government standards while the private sector acquire according to the complexity and the number of customers got by a person. Amarchand Mangaldas and Luthra&Luthra are a couple of the most famous law offices in India.

IT Professionals:

Expert IT professionals are popular in India as well as all around the world and in this way draw fat compensations. The starting compensation is between 1.5 to 3 Lakh per annum yet increments exponentially as you become experienced. Wipro, TCS, HCL, Mahindra are a few of the best IT giants in India.

Amongst the most sort after career options in India.

Aviation Sector:

A commercial pilot as a career has seen a lift over the past few years. With the expansion in number of individuals taking the air route, there has been an ascent in demand of qualified pilots in the nation. One can without much of a stretch make upto 12 Lakh per annum in this career. Airhostesses and flight stewards additionally earn abundantly in the beginning phases of their career.

Medical Professionals:

This is one recession proof career and experts in this field are perpetually sought after, particularly now with developing health awareness in individuals. Apart from doctors and surgeons; dental specialists, dietitians and physiotherapists are likewise picking up recognition for what they are worth and churning in substantial income in their specialization area.


Sportsmen in India not just earn a good amount of money, they likewise have a high glamour associated with their profession. Since the demand of sportsmen is higher than the supply, they can get attention with consistent performance and advance towards success. With occasions like IPL, Commonwealth Games et al picking up significance, sportsmen have begun getting higher pay and incentives from the nation.

Oil and Natural Gas Sector:

Offshore drilling, Geologists, Marine Engineers are a few verticals of this sector that bring immense profits to workers. PSUs e.g. ONGC and Bharat Petroleum offer a broad scope of jobs. Post the declaration of the 6th pay commission, there have been a considerable measure of additional perks and benefits in this sector. Individuals with more than five years of experience can get 15-20 lakh per annum.

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