Programs On Career Counseling and Career Guidance

Career guidance and counseling programs are the ones where one can get knowledge regarding different career options based on one’s academic background. Apart from this, how can they be useful?



Let’s see the importance and role of career counseling and career guidance programs, in the life of students.

1. What do you mean by a career guidance and counseling program?

It is a detailed, developmental program intended to help people in making and executing informed career and educational choices. Such kind of a program builds up person’s capabilities in self-learning, educational and occupational investigation and professional planning.

2. Who all can benefit from such career guidance courses?

Anyone can benefit from such programs. Be it freshers, students, adults, professionals looking for a career switch, parents, dropouts and all those who want to seek career advice.

3. What form the key constituents of a successful career counseling and career guidance program?

  • Optimum materials, resources and facilities

  • Certified counselors form the core of the program

  • A well planned cluster of exercises and experiences to accomplish particular abilities, e.g. self-appraisal, decision making, objective setting, and professional planning

  • Accountable in terms of result oriented and program development (w.r.t results of the process or result evaluations)

These are some of the key components of a successful career advisor program.

4. What are the places where such programs are offered?

Such programs take place right from high schools, universities, skill based clinics, placement and human resource based services, correctional centers and so on.

5. What role do they have in giving technical-vocational education?

Career guidance and counseling programs enable people to procure the information, abilities, and experience important to distinguish choices, investigate choices and prevail in the society. These programs better get ready people for the changing work environment of the 21st century by:

  • Enhancing the decision making skills

  • Strong relations with employer

  • Promotion of effective job placement

  • Better self-esteem and motivation

  • Building interpersonal skills etc….

6. What opportunities do career counselors get under the Perkins Act?

Counselors have chances to take part in an education and training framework that coordinates academic and vocation based training, to encourage people’s more noteworthy participation in further education by articulating secondary and post-secondary education, to reestablish their sense of duty regarding adjusting the most at-hazard or impeded of our society, to advance program results and execution measures, and to react to business and economic improvement.

This explains the importance and role of programs on career counseling and career guidance.

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