Paramedical Courses after 10th in Bangalore : Best Colleges

What are the various paramedical courses after 10th in Bangalore? Here is a look at them with the relevant details.

Paramedical Courses after 10th in Bangalore : Best Colleges

About the field:

Paramedics are involved and deal with emergency medical services and offer pre-hospital treatment to patients. The most well-known paramedics that we come across are the individuals who transport patients between two medical facilities in ambulances. They are required to have a good knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency and it is their obligation to provide the best care to the patients before reaching the hospital. Now that we have seen what this field is all about, we will take a look at the courses after 10th and other related things.

List of Paramedical courses after 10th in Bangalore and rest of India:

– Paramedical in Medical Lab Technician

– Paramedical Respiratory Care Technician

– Paramedical in X-Ray Technology

– Perfusion Technician/Paramedical in Cardiac Care

– Paramedical in Nursing Assistant

– Paramedical in Medical Records Technician

Over here, we have listed out the major paramedical courses after 10th. There are others as well. Based on your interest, you can go for the specialization course. The best thing; you can do them right after your 10th.

A list of paramedical colleges after 10th/Undergraduate/Postgraduate:

Below mentioned is the list of various popular colleges that offer courses in the Paramedical discipline:

– AIIMS- All India Institute of Medical Sciences

– Madras Medical College

– Armed Forces Medical College

– Christian Medical College

– Sri Ramchandra University

  • Scope of Paramedical After 10th/Graduation/Post-Graduation:

The health-care services industry expanse is relied upon to reach USD280 billion towards the end of 2020, with rapid steps being taken each day. Hopefuls likewise have plenty of opportunities to seek after their higher studies or else enter into the research field.

Considered to be one of the quickest growing fields, it offers job opportunities to an extensive portion of the population. With a rise in the number of diseases and the amount of individuals getting affected by these illnesses, the requirement for pre-medical emergencies is on the ascent.

Qualified candidates can be recruited into the public or private sector with plenty of employments and opportunities in both the sectors. With the discovery of newer diseases, there is a consistent demand for capable and skilled professionals in this field. The health-care industry is continually growing and thus the scope of paramedical career after 10th, is far spread.

  • Salary Scenario:

The compensations of individuals who have undergone a paramedical course ranges between Rs. 2,20,000 to Rs. 10,00,000! Similar to each of the other professions, the salary increments with experience. Also, the private sector is known to offer more in contrast with the public sector.

  • Paramedical jobs after 10th and higher qualifications:

– Ambulance Attendant

– Critical Care Paramedic

– Advanced Life Support Paramedic

– Medical Assistant

That was regarding the Paramedical courses after 10th in Bangalore. On similar lines, be informed about the various diploma courses after 10th in medical field, by visiting our site.

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