A List of Top Job Oriented Mechanical Industries in India

After seeing about courses, colleges, subjects and books for Mechanical Engineering, we will now see the scope the field offers for the degree holders. As a part of this, we are going to see details about the various Best mechanical industries in India.

A List of Top Job Oriented Mechanical Industries in India

  • Career, job scope in Mechanical Engineering:

Qualified Mechanical Engineers are employed by numerous organizations who are assocaited with this field in India. These organizations offer job opportunities not just in core faculties of engineering, e.g. electrical, mechanical, yet additionally in sectors like IT, Electronics and so forth.

The field of Mechanical Engineering is typically favored by the core companies and the mechanical engineers are hugely respected for their skill level and professionalism in their particular work areas. Some of the top organizations that hire mechanical engineers happen to be BHEL, L&T, COAL India, NTPC, TATA and others.

Let’s list out the companies now….

  • List of the best mechanical industries in India:

– Kirloskar:

Said to be one of the pioneering companies in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The core areas of KBL happen to be large infrastructure ventures. It recruits a large number of mechanical engineers in India.

– Tata Group:

Considered to be amongst the top mechanical companies across the globe.

Since long time, Tata Motors has driven India’s commercial automobile market leading from the front. It has assumed a part as a game changer in different sectors for the most part in mechanical and production. It happens to be a Dream Company for majority mechanical engineers.


NHPC Limited belongs to the govt. sector, and furthermore amongst the top mechanical engineering based companies in India. Formed with an end goal to plan, organize and promote an integrated and productive development of hydroelectric power in India.

– Larsen and Toubro:

L&T is a reputed Mechanical Engineering company; with high impact sectors of the economy transforming it into one of the best mechanical industries around the world. L&T has unmatched capacities crosswise over sectors such as Engineering, Technology, Construction, and Manufacturing and enjoys a leadership in the entirety of its major business lines.


BHEL happens to be an integrated power plant equipment maker and one of the biggest engineering and manufacturing industry of its kind in India. It is known to be the top companies employing mechanical engineers.

These are a few reputed names when we talk about industries in Mechanical Engineering.

Put in your best efforts and study hard to earn a position in any of the above industry giants. Along the way, do not forget to come up with a list of best mechanical projects ideas in Engineering. These would help you in your academics as well as your career.

Wishing you all the best !!!

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