A List of Top Diploma Courses After 10th in Arts Stream

Many are of the opinion that the Arts stream doesn’t have much to offer. In fact, the Arts stream has much to offer in terms of both course and career options. However, today we are going to focus our attention on diploma courses after 10th in Arts.

A List of Top Diploma Courses After 10th in Arts Stream

About Arts:

The scope of the Arts Stream is diverse and wide and it happens to be a wide term that incorporates a wide range of subjects such as History, Psychology, Sociology, English Literature and so forth. Do not confuse it with Acting or Art and Craft or Performing Arts.

List of Diploma courses after 10th in Arts:

Primarily, there happen to be 3 courses belonging to arts, which a student is eligible to pursue after the 10th class. They can seek admission in all the recognized Universities located across states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and so on. They happen to be diploma courses after 10th in Arts or similar certificate courses.

– Diploma in Fine Arts

– Certificate course in Functional English

– Certificate course in Spoken English

You can get to know about the Arts stream in detail, as a part of career guidance after 10th, which would in-turn help you to make a choice.


In general, the subjects for diploma in Arts after 10th, 11th, and 12th Arts comprises of 3 mandatory subjects and 3 optional subject groups. The optional subjects bring along a choice of 3 groups,you can pick any 1 group. Total 6 subjects per year.

Top Arts colleges across India:

Here are some of the famous colleges that conduct Diploma courses after 10th in Arts, and other courses:

– Delhi based College of Arts and Commerce

– Sri Venkateswara College

– Madras Christian College

– Oford College of Arts

– Mithibai College of Arts

These are just a few amongst the many nation wide.

Career prospects and Salary:

The adaptability and flexibility of an Arts qualification implies that graduates have the lion’s share of options with regards to which industry they can be a part of. Arts qualified individuals are known to have found jobs across sectors like marketing, arts and media, human resources as well as the legal, social and welfare verticals. Apart from this, sectors like hospitality, media and even government agencies are open to them. In short, the possibilities appear to be seamless and it is up to each individual to take his/her qualification and apply the skills possessed.

As far as salaries are concerned, they depend on the sector and the position you are in. One thing is for sure, even the salaries have no limits and they can scale as high as you can imagine.

Diploma courses after 10th in Arts, thus can be your stepping stone for a successful career in this field.

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