A List of Top 8 Civil Engineering Jobs in India

It is very difficult to get a civil engineering degree and Civil Engineering Jobs to have lots of responsibilities. You need to prepare yourself for the interviews conducted by various Civil Engineering Companies. This field definitely has a varied scope and let us see what they are :

A List of Civil Engineering Jobs in India

Career Opportunities:

This is definitely an ideal career option and there are various Civil Engineering Jobs for you to become the best professional


With this basic degree, you will get hired as a fresher under the guidance of experienced professionals. There are lots Civil Engineering Companies in the public and private sector available to you. It is possible to construct it on roads, buildings and utility infrastructures

Senior Engineer

It is possible to become a senior engineer with license upgrade and experience. In this profile, there are huge responsibilities that you need to carry like site plans. You can also undertake some Civil Engineering Courses and become an incorporated engineer.

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Civil Engineers are behind the constructions of communication structures, roads, buildings and much more.

Consulting or Design Engineer

They initiate the projects by considering the client requirements and work the plan out. For example, any to construct any structure or a road the first thing to do is analysis by considering the environmental impact and the site to start the construction. Rather than focusing on technical you also need to look for budgets, tenders, permits, and reports.

The drawings are done with the help of CAD and a small plan of physical 3D models will be displayed to the clients.

Contracting Civil Engineer

This Civil Engineering Job as a Contracting Civil Engineer is mainly on the construction site. The profile is basically acquiring plans from another engineer you actually collaborate it with your own plan and manifest it with the help of resources.

Things you need to manage:

  • Solving Problems

  • Safety

  • Work Schedules

  • Quality Checks

  • Sticking to the budgets

Join any reputed Civil engineering Course to become a reputed Contracting Civil Engineer in India.

Building Control Surveyor

Your main task in this Civil Engineering Job is to look at before and after the construction of the buildings:

  • Inspecting whether the buildings will meet the regulations.

  • The safety of the buildings is well inspected for their safety.

  • The main thing to look into is accessibility, foundations, and sustainability.

Nuclear Engineer

Here is how you can be beneficial in nuclear sectors:

  • You will look for the safety of the power stations

  • Uninstalling hazardous functions

  • Innovative ways to apply science and technology

Site Engineer

This position is regarding the building site and construction to check the site leveling and quality control till the end.


  • Solving Problems

  • Sourcing Materials

  • Everyday logistics

  • Sticking to the budget

  • Protective Measures

Structural Engineer

The main objective and skill required for this profile is your creativity.

You can construct new buildings with the help of professional knowledge of math and science. You will be monitoring the safety regulations and manage the stresses like ground or weather conditions.

There are lots of career scope in this field. Just enroll yourself in Civil Engineering Courses.

Water Engineer

Civil Engineering job profile as a Water Engineer:

  • Reservoirs

  • Environmental Application

  • Flood damage prevention

  • Sewage Works

Environmental Engineer

Civil Engineers are not just limited to the creation of cities but they can also find their importance in saving the nature. You can control the pollution with the help of strategies you use in a building site to enhance public health.

Other Career Opportunities

If you are already an experienced Civil Engineer and if you want to change your profile with the skills and experience you have. Check out these civil engineering job offers:

  • Construction manager

  • Quality Surveyor

  • Engineering geologist

  • Consultant with respect to the sustainability or environment

  • Building service engineer

This is definitely a challenging career option and the qualifications and work profiles are also stressful. The career choice is worth it when you actually see your results of construction.

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