A list of Best Mechanical Projects Ideas in Engineering

There lots of mechanical engineering projects ideas in this blog especially for final year students who don’t know how to choose mechanical projects. The ancient domain of engineering also known as mechanical engineering rules the current day industrial development. Most of the candidates especially boys choose this degree and when they reach final year they are not aware of how to select a mechanical project which leads to confusion. SayTooLoud suggests mechanical engineering projects ideas to such candidates. Here is a list of mechanical engineering project ideas:

A list of Best Mechanical Projects Ideas in Engineering

Mechanical Engineering projects Ideas:

1) Design and Fabrication of Mechanical Sprayer

The main motto behind this project is the design of a water or a medicine sprayer, especially on crops. This is one of the best mechanical engineering project ideas. In large farms, tractors are used currently for spraying purpose and in small farms, manpower is used. Therefore a small vehicle can be planned for designing it with a motor 125cc engine, PVC pipes, pumps, and nozzles. The vehicle will automatically drive this platform. This one of the latest mechanical engineering project ideas apt for students.

2) A mini robot to attend remote areas

Among many mechanical engineering project ideas, this is related to robotics. There are lots of rescue missions during natural or man-made calamities where man-force is deployed instead you can deploy a robot. There are situations like fire attacks in building, earthquake-collapsed building, diffusing bombs in a battlefield. MT UGV an unmanned ground vehicle will do the work with proper design, analysis, fabrication, and control. It is portable and light in weight. Its design is linked with linkage dynamics, machine design, and computer-aided engineering.

3) Spiral Axis Wind Turbine

Non-renewable source of energy such as oil is scarcely available and is quite costly therefore it has lead to energy generation shortage thus there is a shift to renewable energy resources. Thus it is one of the best mechanical engineering project ideas to build a Spiral axis wind turbine to produce about 250 Watts of power.

4) Solar Batch Collector

As seen in the above point there is a scarcity of energy production and therefore lots of R and D is going on towards the approach of non-renewable methods of production of energy. Among the other mechanical engineering project ideas this project of utilizing solar radiations for thermal performance with a solar geyser. It has much absorber area, therefore, it offers high temperature. It has three insulated sides which shift solar radiations to a cylindrical vessel.

5) Solar Parabolic Trough

There has been an increase in demand for energy in the past ten years and there is a shortage of conventional fuels thus it is the ideal time to shift towards renewable energy resources. Here comes the best solution to this issue known as Solar Parabolic Trough for gathering the thermal energy used for driving a steam engine which in turn drives the generator. This only aims at inducing heat to the transfer fluid.

Here are few other list of mechanical engineering project ideas for you to refer:

1. Design and Fabrication of a self-leveling platform

2. Design & Fabrication of a Stair-Climbing Wheel-Chair

3. Design and fabrication of wind tunnel with optimized contraction nozzle

4. Design and Fabrication of Fully submersible vertical axis runner

5. Design and Fabrication of Human Powered Water Purification Unit

6. Design and Fabrication of Radio Controlled (RC) Hovercraft

7. Design and Fabrication of Single Stage Miniature Desalination Unit

8. Electromechanical behavior modeling and simulation of the right atrium of a human heart

9. Employing Aeroelastic vibrations for Energy Harvesting

10. Failure modeling of blood Arteries

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