A List of Best Mechanical Engineering Subjects and Books

Now that we have seen information regarding the best colleges and courses in the field of Mechanical Engineering; over here we would like to introduce you to the Mechanical Engineering subjects and the best books for the same.

A List of Best Mechanical Engineering Subjects and Books

The Mechanical Engineering B. Tech course is basically divided into a total of eight semesters. The last that is the 8th semester is dedicated to the major project. While the various subjects you study in rest of the semesters are as follows….

List of Mechanical Engineering subjects (Semester-wise):

Semester I:

– Physics

– Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

– Computer Programming

– Engineering Graphics

– Calculus and Differential Equations

– Mechanical Workshop

Semester II:

– Elements of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

– Linear Algebra

– English Communication

– Environmental Studies

– Chemistry

– Electrical Workshop

Semester III:

– Manufacturing Processes I

– Industrial Drafting and Machine Design

– Economics For Engineers

– Kinematics

– Thermodynamics

– Material Technology

– Ethics & Values

– Community Services

– Electrical Technology

Semester IV:

– Manufacturing Processes II

– Fluid Mechanics

– ICT Tools and Security

– Dynamics of Machinery I

– Metrology and Instrumentation

– Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering

– Seminar

– Entrepreneurship

Semester V:

– Fluid Power Engineering

– Heat and Mass Transfer

– Control Engineering

– Dynamics of Machinery- II

– Power Plant Engineering

– Mini Project – I

– Department Elective I

– Creativity and Innovation

– Fractional Course

Semester VI:

– Thermal Engineering

– Mini Project – II

– Department Elective II

– Production Technology

– Machine Design I

– Department Elective III

– Law for Engineers

– Capston Course (Mechanical Engineering)

Semester VII:

– Production and Industrial Management

– Computer aided Manufacturing

– Computer Aided Design

– Machine Design II

– Minor Project

– Department Elective IV

– Organizational Behavior

– Practical Training

That was the Mechanical Engineering subjects list. Let’s take a look at some of the top books for the various Mechanical Engineering subjects.

Best Mechanical Engineering books:

For cross checking and confirmation, and once in a while only a bump for memory at the correct time, a Mechanical Engineer is in need of quality reference books. Here are some reference books for Mechanical Engineering, that you must know about….

– Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design – Is known to be the standard handbook for machine design.

– Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers – Serves to be the bible of Mechanical Engineering for over a span of 90 years now!

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With all this information at hand, it would help you in knowing whether the Mechanical Engineering stream is made for you or not.

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