A List of Best Mechanical Engineering Courses in India 2018 !

There are a whole lot of Mechanical Engineering courses on offer, for the students. However, choosing the one that best suits you holds the key. So, here is a look into some of the best Mechanical Engineering courses. A list of best Mechanical Engineering courses in India along with career prospects and job opportunities provided by each one of them.

A List of Best Mechanical Engineering Courses in India 2018 !

Post obtaining a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering, candidates can opt for higher education courses or begin working promptly. In spite of the fact that jobs are available for the Mechanical Engineering graduates in different areas, pursuing an advanced course opens up channels for better job opportunities.

Below is a list of best Mechanical Engineering courses in India 2018:

  • M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering:

Duration: 2 Years full time course

Minimum Qualification: B. Tech.

  • Master of Engineering in Tool Design:

Duration: 2 Year full time for long term courses or short-term Diploma and Certificate courses. Some of the long term courses are as follows:

– Advanced Diploma in Tool & Die Making (ADTDM)

– M.E. in CAD/CAM

– M.Tech – Mechatronics etc….

  • Piping Design and Engineering course:

Courses offered under this:

– Piping Design & Drafting Certificate course

– M.Tech in Piping Design and Engineering

– Piping Technology Diploma etc….

Duration: On one side, the M.Tech and PG Diploma courses happen to be 2 year full-time courses, the certification courses tend to be short-term, extending from 3 months to 1 year.

Job opportunities:

Pursuing a course in this, presents one with career opportunities in sectors like Merchant Navy, Chemical Industry etc. Piping experts happen to be in great demand in these and other sectors. No wonder this course lands a position in the list of best courses in Mechanical Engineering.

Robotics courses:

– Robotics Diploma

– Master of Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

– Master of Engineering in Advanced Robotics etc…

Job opportunities:

A variety of job prospects are open before a Robotics Engineer, in space research organizations, in ventures which produce microchips, in defense sector, medical and automobile industries for developing experimental robotics etc.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA):

Mechanical Engineering graduates have the option of pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma programme in management or a MBA degree. An engineer with a MBA degree proves to be useful in landing positions at the managerial level.


Courses in Nanotechnology-

– Master of Engineering in Nanotechnology

– Master of Science in Nanotechnology

Job prospects:

Nanotechnology experts have a huge demand in sectors like Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Environment industries and so forth…

  • Mechatronics Course:

Related courses-

– Master of Technology in Mechatronics Engineering

– Master of Engineering in Mechatronics Engineering

Job opportunities:

Subsequent to completing M.E/M.Tech in Mechatronics, job openings are principally found in sectors like Automobile, Transport, Aviation etc.

With this, we come to the end of the Mechanical Engineering courses list.

We hope that this list would help you in making the correct choice amongst the various mechanical engineering courses options available before you.

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