A List of Best Civil Engineering Colleges, Courses and Books

Civil Engineering

One of the disciplines of engineering which has a wider scope when compared to other branches is none other than Civil Engineering. There are lots of Civil Engineering colleges that you can apply for. The job description of a civil engineer is to plan, design, and monitor the construction sites. There are various projects undertaken like megastructures, buildings, highways, tunnels, dams, harbors, airports, water supply system, etc. An extreme knowledge is required for the civil engineer to be successful in this field.

A list of Best civil engineering colleges, courses and books

Activities of a Civil Engineer

1) The design and construction of bridges, schools, tunnels, airports, hospitals and other buildings are constructed by the Civil Engineers.

2) The assistance of a civil engineer is required in planning, designing or managing the project.

3) The clean up of the current pollution and reduce its effect in the future is also governed by the Civil Engineers.


1. IIT, Roorkee

2. IIT, Kharagpur

3. BITS Pilani

4. IIT, Madras

5. IIT, Bombay

6. IIT, Kanpur

7. NIT Trichy

8. IIT, Delhi

9. IIT BHU Varanasi

10. IIT Guwahati

11. Delhi Technological University

12. NIT Warangal

13. PSG College of Technology Coimbatore

14. NIT Surathkal

15. Birla Institute of Technology

16. MNIT Jaipur

17. Jadavpur University Faculty Council of Engineering & Technology

18. MNNIT Allahabad

19. PEC University of Technology Chandigarh

20. IIEST Shibpur

Top civil engineering courses – civil engineering all courses

1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

2. Construction Management

3. Design of Lightweight Structures I: Composites and Metals

4. Citizens Co-Creating Sustainable Cities

5. Civil Engineering and Architecture

6. Sustainable Urban Design

7. Developing Social Housing Projects

8. Arc Flash Protection for Electrical Safety Professionals

9. Smart Cities

10. Advanced Dynamics

11. Civil Sitework Construction

12. Reinforced Concrete Beams Design to Eurocode 2

13. Structural Engineering of Industrial Facilities

14. Advanced Water Treatment and Re-use


1.Surveying; By “Dr. B.C Punmia”

2. Engineering Hydrology; By “K Subramanya”

3. Concrete Technology (Theory & Practice); By “M L Gambhir”

4. An Introduction to ‘Mechanics of Solids’ By “Stephen Crandall”

5. Highway Engineering; By “S.K Khanna”

6. Structural Analysis; By “R.C Hibbeler”

7. Materials Science and Engineering; By V.Raghavan

8. Engineering Drawing; By “P.S Gill”

9. Water Supply Engineering By Santosh Garg

10. Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach (SI Units); By “Yunus A. Cengel and Michael A. Boles”

Civil Engineering Job Profile

1. Quality Control

2. Planning of projects

3. Maintenance

4. Designing

5. Construction

6. Supervision

Career Overview

A civil engineer enjoys a successful career in both public and private sector and all you need to do is apply for any the best or the top civil engineering colleges in India. Here is where civil engineers come into the picture: defense force, municipal corporations, railways, consulting firms, etc. Geotechnical, construction, coastal and transportation engineering are few of the master specializations in Civil Engineering. You will definitely get a well-paid job with good experience. Apart from the required skills if you have extra skills like Visual Basic (VB), Project Management, Microsoft Project, and Engineering Design will give a good value to your resume.

Guaranteed Job

You will surely get a job after passing out from any top civil engineering colleges in India in the field of the power sector, construction, and energy. Most of them are actually employed when compared to other branches.

Branches of Civil Engineering:


It is quite important to have good marks and experience to get a job in designing career. It would be better if you have knowledge of Staad Pro, Auto CAD, AutoTum, TopoCAD, etc.


If you want to make your career in construction then you need to be ready to work on challenging projects like industrial and road construction.


If you have good planning skills then you can make a career in this field and there are lots of vacancies over here. It would be an added advantage to have knowledge in MS Project and Primavera.

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