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Have no doubt that the entire engineering industry including all its domains will rise up with a new vengeance post these difficult times. This is what the experts are saying. In fact, it is expected that the demand for engineering professionals across the entire industry will reach newer heights once things get back to normal!

The engineering scenario post COVID

Similar to rest of the sectors, engineering is one more sector that will see a change post the corona pandemic. The expectations of various industries that recruit engineers will differ to an extent, and the engineers will have to adapt themselves accordingly. That includes the core engineering industries like automobile, manufacturing etc., and others like IT, Marketing and so on. Talking about stats, the industry is likely to hire as many as 25000 engineers in a year! This could continue for subsequent years as well, once the current situation becomes normal.

What changes are expected?

One thing is pretty clear that the market will be highly competitive post COVID as compared to what it was previously. So, various industries would require engineers possessing not only the latest skill-set, but alsohaving the capability to adapt to these changing times and workstyles.

Also, the adoption of technologies will be speedier across the engineering sector at large. With more and more digitalization taking place, the aspiring engineers got to be ready to work in such an environment. In fact, they got to prepare themselves with the right kind of skillset.

An important change would be to adopt to remote working. It has become the need of the hour. This in all likelihood would pose as a challenge to the engineers out there. Especially those who are looking for a career in one of the core branches. That’s because their current mind-set would have been to work on-site, and with physical presence.

These above mentioned changes are applicable to both the fresher engineers as well as the experienced ones. Many of the transformations taking place amid this COVID-19 will be permanent, while many of the traditional practices will become obsolete. Although the economy has slowed down at present, it will surely get back to normal. Till then, the only thing in your control is to make full use of this free time and gear up by building your knowledge and skill-set. Doing this would ensure employability and job security for the engineers out there.

CRBtech can make it possible for you!

Keeping in mind these anticipated changes in the industry along with the desired skill-set and knowledge, CRBtech has come up with an online professional training and career development platform in CRBtech Neo.

CRBtech with an experience of more than 15 years in the field of training and career development, has specially designed this online training platform with the aim to not let the current situation impact or halt your career. The intention is to help you go on with your advanced learning and career development.

We have brought online learning to the aspiring engineers in these times of crisis, to enable them upskill, learn a new one, or reskill from the safety of their homes.

CRBtech Neo offers 360 degree online advanced professional training programsin all the leading engineering domains like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical etc. The USP being all these online programs come with a funding. That means lesser financial burden on you and your family!!!

CRBtech Neo brings to you…..

  • A time saving and cost effective online learning model
  • Funding of up to Rs. 1, 00, 000 on these online training programs!
  • Earn to learn opportunity
  • Pay after getting a job!
  • Company Letter of Intent (Conditional Offer Letter) on offer during course
  • Gain valuable experience while learning and working from home
  • 100% job guarantee is provided
  • Reduced financial burden due to funding
  • Technical bilingual training through dedicated sessions
  • Project guidance on the latest technologies
  • Skill upgradation to lessen the knowledge gap
  • Get used to the remote style of working
  • Unlimited placement calls
  • Placements in MNCs, MLCs or similar
  • Lifetime support assistance on offer
  • GD-PI &aptitude preparations along with mock interviews and HR grooming

CRBtech Neo is the only platform where you will get all this and more!

So, just bring your desire and dedication, and we will shape a career for you! Register Now!

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