Highest Earning Jobs in the Medical Field 2019

In this blog, you will get to know about the highest earning jobs in the medical field after 10th, 12th, graduation and post graduation in 2019.

Highest Earning Jobs in Medical Field 2019

As per the qualification, you will get the eligible jobs to begin with freshers jobs. In the medical profession, there are lots of ways to advance your career.

Highest Earning Jobs in the Medical Field 2019

Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in the Medical Profession:

In the medical field, if a candidate wishes to make a career and make a difference. Then he or she must be aware of the right career choice and salary one expects. Let us see the various highest paying jobs in the medical field.

1) Physicians & Surgeons

Of course, it is a known fact that physicians surgeons earn a lot, therefore, it is a desired medical field after 10th or 12th. An average median salary for physicians and surgeons is about Rs 90,000. Their main job is to treat people and diagnose the disease. Apart from that they also work as research performing examiner, medical histories, and prescribe medications.

2) Dentists

Treat patients and diagnose the oral conditions is the main job profile of a dentist. They also suggest preventive measures to maintain a good oral health. They focus on gums, teeth, and surrounding areas, and must practice proper hygiene. This is another demanding medical career after 10th, 12th. On an average, a dentist earns about Rs 75000 in India. After graduating for four years it is necessary to pass a licensing exam before practicing as a dentist.

3) Pharmacists

They are regarded as an integral part of the medical industry. They offer various medical prescriptions to patients as per the doctor’s prescriptions. They can also answer questions about a few other counter medications or offer normal information or how to lead an illness free life. On an average, pharmacist earns about Rs 60,000. You can become a pharmacist by obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy from a year four-year institution.

4) Podiatrists

Any problems with respect to ankles, feet or lower legs are treated by Podiatrists. They diagnose via lab tests, x-rays and other methods. There are various conditions like ingrown toenails and calluses to abnormal and more serious conditions of the lower body. It is one of the highest earning jobs in the medical field after 10th, 12th.

5) Advanced Practice Nurses

Nurse Anesthetists and Nurse practitioners are among the highest paying jobs inside the medical profession. On an average nursing, salary is about Rs 50000. Those who want to become an APRN must secure a degree in this four year Bachelor program.

6) Optometrists

Most of such professionals would examine and take care of issues affecting the eyes. They can handle problems with vision and diagnose various conditions and diseases linked with the visual system. On an average median salary for an Optometrist is Rs 50,000.

7) Physician Assistants

Such professionals work with Surgeons and physicians to assist and treat patients with various conditions and health concerns. They receive blood work and X-rays and can also suggest medications to patients. On an average, they earn about 50000 Rs. It is one of the highest earning jobs in the medical field after 10th, 12th.

8) Physical Therapists

They help in rejuvenating the physical mobility of a person. They assist in returning such patients to daily activities. On an average such professional earn about Rs 45000.

9) Radiation Therapists

They help in treating cancer and dealing with the various illness of the body. On an average such professional earn about Rs 40,000. To become a professional in this field you need to have an associate degree with much focus on nuclear technology.

10) Occupational Therapists

Such professionals help in returning to daily tasks after following an accident, illness or injury. On an average such professional earn about Rs 40000. You need to complete your Master’s degree to become a professional in this field. Apart from that State licensure is required before the therapist can work in medicine.

It is suggested by SayTooLoud to explore your interests before choosing from the above list of highest earning jobs in the medical field after 10th, 12th, graduation, postgraduation.

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