Forensic Science: What Kind Of Career Is On Offer?

As you might be aware, Forensic Science is one of the career option before you. What does it consist of? What’s on offer?


No need to stress out your mind for finding out. We are providing you with all the required information right here!

  • What is it?

Forensic science is the utilization of scientific knowledge and techniques for criminal examinations and legal issues. It is a multidisciplinary subject, it envelops different fields of science, e.g. biology, chemistry, sociology, engineering and so on.

If you are interested in carrying out this kind of work, you can opt for this different career option.

  • Scope:

The scope in this stream is tremendous. You can land positions in different governments and private institutions. The study will enhance your aptitudes and knowledge. Subsequent to finishing your degree, you can begin with your own practice and forensic service firms. You likewise may get jobs in Forensic Laboratories, Detective Offices, Banks and other Govt. furthermore, private organizations.

There are unlimited career opportunities in this field on account of boundless crimes happening everywhere around us. In this way, the openings for work in the forensic science stream are likewise perpetual. You can land a job position anywhere in India or abroad.

  • The salary scenario:

A large portion of the jobs in forensic science are in the govt. division that’s why the renumeration is entirely in view of the structure and pay scale. In Private sector, employers offer good pay scales to experienced professionals. Subsequent to completing a degree in forensic science, the beginning pay lies anywhere between Rs. 3 Lac to Rs. 4 Lac per annum. Post gaining experience, experts can acquire Rs 6 Lac to Rs 8 Lacs per annum.

In the event that you are working in other countries, at that point you can get an average compensation of $55,040 per annum.

  • Job positions on offer:

– Crime Scene Investigator

– Crime Reporter

– Professor

– Handwriting expert

– Legal counselors etc…..

  • Necessary Skills:

– Good observation

– Knowledge about various science streams

– Good analytical skills

– Technical skills

– Intelligence

  • Universities offering courses in forensic sciences:

– Punjab University

– Manipal University

– University of Delhi

– Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

That was regarding Forensic Science as a career.

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