Discover Top Career Oriented Courses After 12th Arts

Done with your 12th Arts ? Looking for career oriented courses after 12th Arts? Here are a few diploma course options for you. Take a look….

courses after 12th arts

Diploma course in Photography:

  • Topics Covered:

– Camera basics

– Lighting related and visual concepts

– Equipment required for photography

– Various types of photography like underwater, wedding etc.

  • Duration:

1 year

  • Eligibility:

Post 12th Arts or any other stream

  • Career Opportunities:

Proficient Photographers based on their interest for photography and openings in this field, can work with organizations, studios, agencies etc. Then again, you can elect to work on a part-time basis or additionally go for freelancing. You may require to travel for work.

  • Who can go for photography?

– If you are patient

– You adore photography

– You have good visual sense

Kitchen and Catering Operations Diploma courses after 12th Arts

  • Duration:

3 years

  • Eligibility criteria:

Post 12th in Arts or any other stream

  • Types of job:

Post finishing this course in Kitchen and Catering Operations, you can get a job into any kitchen or catering administration as a restaurant supervisor, a wedding organizer, catering manager or any of the different possibilities. Opportunities in food service management were relied upon to grow 5% from the year 2014-2024.

  • Career options:

– Airline Catering

– Hotel and Tourism industry

– Club Management and so on…

Event Management Diploma:

  • Topics covered:

– Event and planning of budget

– Public relations

– Legal aspects

– Financial management

– Logistics

  • Eligibility:

Post 12th Arts or any other stream

  • Duration:

1 year

  • Why to choose?

– Budgeting

– Coming up with innovative ideas or plans

– Planning and executing an event

– Detailed planning of an event

  • Work options

As an event manager at fashion shows, music concerts and other such events.

Travel and Tourism diploma:

One of the popular options for courses after 12th

  • Duration:

1 year

  • Eligibility criteria:

Post 12th Arts or other streams

  • Topics:

– Tourism basics

– Customer relationship management

– Tourism geography

– Tourism planning, implementing and marketing

  • Who can choose this field?

– If you adore to travel and do related things

– One can blend travel and work

– If you like to interact with people

  • Work options:

You could associate with government tour operators, tourism divisions, rail administrations, lodgings etc. Getting to know distinct languages additionally benefit your profession and open to you numerous open doors nationally and internationally.

Diploma in Multimedia:

  • Topics included:

– Graphics design

– Animation

– Tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Corel Draw etc…

  • Eligibility criteria:

Post 12th Arts or other streams

  • Duration:

1 year

  • Career opportunities:

Multimedia professionals utilize technology to develop graphic designs, web designing and animations for the digital and electronic media. In the wake of finishing the course, you could discover employments in the designing field – web designing, graphic designing, films and so on. You could likewise act as a freelancer.

  • Whom is it meant for?

– Those who are good at drawing

– Good in colour choice

– Interested in technology and digital media

Diploma in 3D Animation:

This one is a popular amongst the various courses after 12th Arts.

  • Topics covered:

– 3D animation

– Storyboarding

– Design and animation basics etc…

  • Eligibility:

Post 12th Arts

  • Duration:

1 year

  • Who all can go for this?

– You are a keen observer

– You are good at drawing

and qualities like these.

  • Working options:

Animators can do jobs in animation studios, gaming organizations, engineering companies etc. Job profiles post this course are 3D Modeler, Animator, Graphic Designer and so on.

Advertising and Marketing diploma:

  • Duration:

1 year

  • Eligibility:

Post 12th Arts or other fields

  • Topics:

– Market Research

– Media Planning

– Marketing and advertising basics etc…

  • Career Options:

You can discover jobs in these fields like marketing and communication offices, media organizations of privately owned businesses, film production houses etc. You can likewise fill in as a freelancer.

  • Who should go for this?

– You have got the best communication skills

– You like the dynamic and glamorous lifestyle

So, that was about courses after 12th , as far as the Arts stream is concerned.

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