Different Career Options Post Doing Your MBA

Completed your MBA ?

Guess what,

You have got a whole lot of career opportunities, across a number of verticals. Get to know about them, as we come up with the details of the same….


1. Marketing Jobs:

You can get jobs under the titles such as product manager, marketing manager, market research analyst and so on…

Salaries and employers-

The annual remuneration in India, could range from Rs. 1.51 lakh to Rs. 20.43 lakh. Renowned recruiters include names like Amazon, TCS, HDFC Bank etc.

2. Operations Jobs:

Job titles consist of operations manager, supply chain manager, logistics manager etc.

Salary and recruiters-

In India, operations supervisors are offered a compensation of around Rs. 3-15 lakh per year. Companies such as Airtel, Deloitte etc. offer these kind of different career options.

3. Finance Jobs:

Career titles present before a MBA in Finance incorporate treasurer, cash manager, finance director and so on…

Employers and package-

In India, an IIM pass out MBA Finance student may ask for a package of Rs. 10-15 lakh per year. Finance analysts gain about Rs. 4 lakh a year towards the beginning, credit analysts Rs. 5-6 lakh towards the start to Rs. 20-30 lakh in case of senior-level posts, and management advisors Rs. 5-8 lakh and, in a couple of years, Rs. 10-15 lakh. Company names include HP, Citibank and so on.

4. Technology jobs:

Job titles include business analyst, IT manager, system manager, product manager etc..

Package and recruiters-

In India, pay scales for MBAs in Technology begin from Rs. 2 lakh for a fresher and reach till Rs. 12 lakh per annum in a few years time. Prominent organizations incorporate TCS, L&T, Wipro and many more.

That was about the various kinds of jobs you can look for based on your MBA qualification.

You can go for career counseling, to know about your inclination and for overall guidance.

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