CRBtech Neo: Revolutionizing IT Education!

We will get started by discussing the scope in the IT sector, on the pretext of the existing COVID scenario.

Understanding the scope in IT in the current scenario

In Information Technology, there lies a field that was, is and will continue to grow strong in terms of the career prospects, scope and opportunities. The reason being its solid foundation and omnipresence. Some uncontrollable factors occurring once a while, such as the current COVID pandemic might halt the progress of this sector for a while, but it won’t be too long before the industry bounces back with new vengeance. In fact, it has already started to stabilize and grow even while we are still fighting with the virus. The major reason being its flexible nature in terms ofthe feasibility of working remotely that this sector offers.This becomes vital in situations like the current one where social distancing is inevitable.Almost all the professionals that work in the IT sector can work remotely! Probably the biggest advantage this sector has to offer unlike the other ones where physical presence becomes necessary.

Owing to all this and the other advantages that the IT sector has on offer, the demand for IT professionals is always there. Particularly those who have the right set of skills and knowledge. Be it both the freshers and the experienced. Therefore, having the desired skills and knowledge is important for the IT aspirants.

IT education – Before & After

The impact of COVID on the education sector is quite evident, and IT education is no exception. So much so that it can be divided into two eras namely pre COVID and post COVID. The pre COVID times were of learning through physical presence or what can be termed as offline learning. However, today the scenario has changed and online learning/education is the new mantra. In fact the need of the hour. This phase of transition and adaptation into the world of online learning has put brakes on the desires of those who are seeking to educate themselves for a bright and promising career in the field of IT. In some cases, it has come to a total halt as well. Those IT aspirants facing such kind of a situation need not worry as CRBtech your trusted training and career development partner of years has come up with an answer to your educational problems – our latest venture CRBtech Neo!!!

That’s because CRBtech believes in always being there for you in both good and especially in difficult times.

CRBtech Neo: Easy, Effective and Affordable Education

Seeing the need of the times, our team of experts was eager on adopting and revolutionizing IT education. Online was the way to go, and CRBtech Neo is the result of all our efforts!

CRBtech Neo is the latest offering of CRBtech. It is basically an online app based 360 degree professional training and educational platform for all the IT aspirants out there. CRBtech Neo is designed to provide you online training across all the leading IT domains likeJava, .NET, Software Testing, Big Data- Hadoop-Data Science, Android Development etc. You name it, and we have it.

What you get

CRBtech Neo is developed with the aim to transform online education and make it easy, effective and affordable. The USP being one of a kind funded online programs in IT specific domains!!!

This is what makes CRBtech Neo the best opt in these times when majority of you out there might be facing a financial crunch. No money to spend on an important thing like education that builds your career? No worries with CRBtech offering funded online training programs to lessen your financial burden!

Salient offerings include,

  • Get funding of up to Rs. 1,00, 000
  • Now learn and work from home
  • Earn to learn

In addition,

  • Interactive learning
  • Online training with a 100% job guarantee
  • Unlimited placement calls
  • Placements in MNCs, MLCs or similar
  • Get Letter of Intent (Conditional Offer Letter) from the recruiting company during course
  • Acquire technical bilingual skills to get international opportunities
  • Dedicated language training sessions
  • Lifetime support
  • Project guidance on latest IT technologies
  • Industry experienced faculty to train you

Do not hamper your career by stopping your education in these difficult times. To avail all these and more benefits, enquire and enroll into our online IT professional training programs.

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