Civil engineering works, scope and career opportunities in India

Civil engineering career opportunities

The ancient branch of engineering is none other than Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering works on the basis of design and construction of various buildings and structures. SayTooLoud suggests the candidates choose this field as there is a varied scope of civil engineering jobs. Let us check their roles and responsibilities.

Civil engineering works, scope and career opportunities in India

Civil Engineering Works:

They work on and off the site.

  • Both contracting and consulting civil engineers need to do multitasking at various sites

  • The design of office blocks, multi-storied car parks, oil rugs is done by structural engineers and this is done to check the load bearing capacity of the building.

  • Those who look after sewerage systems, water supply, pollution control are water management engineers.

  • Disaster mitigation and management are also dealt with by Civil Engineers.

  • Traffic management and road construction are dealt by Highway Engineers.

Civil Engineering Works or Employment Opportunities

Civil Engineers Work In:

Design, maintenance of roads, bridges, docks, housing complexes, airports, canals, and management are present in public and private sectors

  • Consultants

  • Quality testing labs

  • Military and defense services

  • Hiring Sectors

  • Municipal Bodies

  • Construction Firms

  • Defense Forces

  • Development Boards

Civil Engineering Colleges

  • IET, Dehradun

  • JMMIT, Karnataka

  • IIT, Delhi

  • IIT, Bombay

  • IIT, Madras

  • BITS Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad

Salary and Future Scope of Civil Engineering

The scope of this field is increasing steadily and there is a need for 4 lakh civil engineering professionals till the year 2020 but currently, only 60,000 employees are available. There is a delay in government projects because of lack of civil engineers. IT sector was high in demand 3 to 4 years back but as per some employment reports it is said that civil engineers will have a good future. There has been a steady increase in civil engineering seats from 1990 till 2007. In 1990 there were 13,500 seats and 22,700 seats in 2007 because after 1990 there was a steady demand for the branch of computer science. Almost 9200 seats increased in 17 years this shows there is going to be a good demand in the future of civil engineering jobs.

A lot was invested by the Indian Government between 2000 and 2014 in the field of construction with a total sum of Rs 13000 crore.

By 2020, the Government is going to incorporate 100 smart cities and bullet trains are going to be installed as per our Prime Minister. Thus there is huge career scope of civil engineering.

Civil Engineering Works:

1. Planning of projects

2. Designing

3. Construction

4. Supervision

5. Quality Control

6. Maintenance


IIT pass out students earn up to Rs 6 lakh to Rs 7 lakh per annum

In the US, the starting take-home salary is Rs 18 lakh.

In Singapore, you will earn Rs 12 Lakhs.

Private Engineering Students will earn up to 2 to 3 lakh Rs.

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