Civil Engineering Internships – Best Tips and Apprenticeship Ideas

Introduction to Civil Engineering Internships

There are lots of Civil Engineering Jobs offered by various companies and you can increase your chance of getting hired in any of these jobs if you are doing a Civil Engineering Internships and that is what SayTooLoud suggests for the aspiring candidates. These internships contain lots of work related to sales, marketing, growth hacking, technical work, software and content writing.

Civil Engineering Internships and it's Best Tips and Apprenticeship Ideas

You will get good hands-on experience in the corporate world with such internships.

Civil Engineering Internships Ideas For Candidates

If you are an aspiring candidate and a good performer in academics and looking out to utilize your semester vacations with Civil Engineering Internships then this article is for you. First of all, you need to understand the terms Internships, Apprenticeships and Fellowships are not the same. Let us see the difference and identify the right choice for you:

Applicable for:

If you want a corporate experience then apply for Civil Engineering Internships and this, in the long run, will be fruitful for you to convert into a full-time job if you work properly. If you want to try out other career options then this is the best for you to start and you will earn sufficient for your pocket money.

Civil Engineering Apprenticeship

Although it is somewhat similar when compared to Internships it is quite an in-depth way of learning. If you are quite clear about what you want to do then you can go for Apprenticeship. You need to perform actual tasks along with some senior executives. Your hard work matters there as you are also considered as an employee.

Applicable for:

This does not offer any 100 % full-time job guarantee like internships and if that is what is your motto then this is not applicable for you. Apart from that you if you are looking for in-depth knowledge and thorough learning of Core Civil Engineering technologies then this will be beneficial to you and your future companies will value your resume and give preferences to you in terms of hiring.

Civil Engineering Fellowship

Scholarship programs with respect to your research especially related to your academics are none other than Fellowships. This will give you work or a particular project related experience. There are few companies which allow you to work on the same project in Civil Engineering Jobs which you were working since your college.

Applicable for:

If you are wishing to pursue a doctorate in civil engineering technologies or want to do a research then this will be the right choice for you. You can also resume your stopped project which was started in your college.

This is quite a competitive program for you to get admitted.

Civil Engineering Companies for you to apply

  • Hindustan Construction Company

  • SPCL

  • Tata Steel

  • Metro Rail Projects

  • Patel Constructions

  • TATA CMC Chandigarh

  • NCAOR (National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research)

  • L&T Constructions

Civil Engineering Internships Application

There are lots of public forums which offers Civil Engineering Internships and they are like Internshala, twenty19, letsinern, hellointern etc. You will be notified by the internships from time to time. It is also possible to apply for these notifications directly. You can even apply for government organizations or MNCs by visiting the careers section and get to know about the details of current openings and interview dates.

If not Civil Engineering Internships then what?

Even if you are unable to get an internship there are other ways to cultivate similar skills and experience and they are as follows:

1) Hands-on training programs: You can develop new skills and get to know about net technology by appearing for hands-on training programs. They are conducted during summer and winter and finally get hired in Civil Engineering Jobs in India.

2) Building Projects: Your skill sets will be enhanced by working on projects with latest technologies. Your resume will be enhanced with this experience.

3) E-learning: There are lots of e-learning websites available for enhancing your skills. They are Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Simplilearn etc. This will be a certified course.

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