Career Opportunity For Women In Engineering

In the present circumstances, there is no such course for which girls cannot apply. Same applies to engineering and related courses.


In fact, the engineering stream comes with a number of career opportunity for women. Which are these? We will be checking them out, right here!

1. IT/Computer Science Engineering:

India is a hub of IT based organizations and around world’s best 100 IT organizations are functional in India, which are offering each year, huge amounts of jobs alike for male and female Engineers. Being a girl, you can pick IT or Computer science major in Engineering on the off chance that you will move to a metropolitan city amid your job duration.

2. Electrical Engineering:

In the event that you are a girl and wish to have a career in the Government sector, at that point likely this engineering branch is for you. The vast majority of the Electrical companies in the division of energy, power, distribution and generation are basically Government undertakings. These organizations are putting forth positions to female candidates according to the govt. reservation rules, and due to vast number of job opportunities; odds are constantly high for female Engineers to qualify.

An engineering stream offering new career ideas….Specially for females.

3. Architecture:

On the whole, this is unique engineering stream which is a potential field for girl engineers, who is especially inspired by designing, interiors and plotting. For recent decades we have observed advancements to be far as construction and infrastructure in India is concerned. The stream has measured newer dimensions and of course better career options, particularly for ladies to design offices, hotels, theaters etc.

One can see the vast majority of the ladies favor for Architectural work since they do have a decent designing skill and intellect.

4. Biotechnology:

Best engineering course for girls in the event that they are intrigued to seek a career in biotech. Biotechnology jobs are forecasted to grow by 9% which is moderate than other fields. Yet, demand in the healthcare sector and foreign investment absolutely increase the requirement of Engineers in this stream in the forthcoming years. The vast majority of the jobs for ladies in this field will originate from design and systems field.

5. Electronics and Communication Engineering:

ECE or Electronics and Communication Engineering is the most suitable stream for Girls. since it offers an equal chance to land a job in the hardware and software field. As a large portion of the employments in this field can be supervised from sitting in office, along these lines organizations similarly offer positions to males and also females.

Some of the giant Indian Government sector organizations offer inclination to female applicants than males in research related positions.

Employment will increase in Electronics and communication branch by 20% from 2010 to 2020, which will offer a huge number of career opportunities to freshers and unquestionably ECE graduate ladies will have upper hand to rule the job market in future.

All in all, the picture looks promising for girls in the engineering sector. Kudos!!!

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