Career Opportunities In 12 Countries That Offer The Maximum Compensation For Civil Engineers

The field of Civil Engineering is a promising one that offers lots of career opportunities with both growth and good salary compensations. In this informative blog from SayTooLoud, we are going to see about 12 countries that are highest paying for Civil Engineers.

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As per our findings, the ideal continent for Civil Engineers is said to be Europe, 8 nations from here have earned a place in this rundown. Obviously, this might be because of the fact that these nations have a strong currency and subsequently, perform well when changed over to US dollars while Asian and even the American currencies would not perform that well. For instance, its almost impossible that Pakistan can win a place on this rundown, since it performs poorly when pitched against the US dollar. In any case, Civil Engineers in the nation are still highly respected and paid well. Thus, a salary compensation which is thought to be great in that particular nation might not make to this list since it needs to endure a shot when changed over into US dollars.

This data in all probability would help you to come to a decision with regards to abroad career options in the field of Civil Engineering.


Average annual salary: $ 77, 438 (Approx. Rs. 50,33470)

Switzerland is a stand out amongst the best nations in the world, regularly topping the rundown of the most happiest lands on the planet. Not only does it have a clamoring and developing economy, it is additionally a standout amongst the most scenic places on the planet, having lush green fields and grand mountains. Be that as it may, that isn’t everything to the nation. While by and large thought to be a banker’s hub, it pays liberally to other professions too, a reality enabling it to top the rundown of 12 most astounding paying nations for civil engineers.


The average annual salary happens to be: $ 71,565 (Approx. Rs 46,51725)


Average annual salary: $ 67,154 (Approx. Rs 43,65010)


Average annual salary: $ 62, 019 (Approx. Rs 40,31235)


Average annual salary: $ 54,155 (Approx. Rs 35,20075)


Average annual salary: $47, 262 (Approx. Rs 30,72030)


Average annual salary: $44, 803 (Approx. Rs 29,12195)


Average annual salary: $42,2117 (Approx. Rs 27,437605)


Average annual salary: $40,692 (Approx. Rs 26,44980)


Average annual salary: $40,612 (Approx. Rs 26,39780)


Average annual salary: $40,103 (Approx. Rs 26,06695)


Average annual salary: $39,360 ( Approx. Rs 25,58400)

With this, we come to the end of this rundown. Attractive figures, right?

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