Career Guidance Tips- Top Job Oriented Courses After 10th and 12th In Graphic Design

Many students are confused in terms of which career path to choose. Even if they are sure about the industry they want to become a part of, they are unaware about the options they have. Both in terms of job positions as well as education they can pursue.

Over here, as a part of career guidance tips, we are going to focus our attention on the courses after 10th in Graphics Design.


  • The Graphic Design Industry:

Graphic designing is a technique which combines technology and art to communicate ideas.

It is the duty of a graphic designer to transform a product to make it visually appealing. In this manner, an attractive design will dependably enable brands to get buyer’s attention.

The demand for graphic designing professionals is high in India and it is expected to rise in the near future. Each product requires to sell visually first before a purchaser chooses it. In fact, be it any business including publishing houses, retail, FMCG etc. are in need of creative designers.

So, for all those who have it in them and are looking for a career in this stream, here are some top courses after 10th, for them..

Job oriented Graphic Design Courses after 10th :

Photo Editing Master Course:

This course isn’t just about clicking photographs, it’s likewise about editing and enriching them alike digital image modifying utilizing softwares such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. Trainees will be trained in both the technicalities of image editing and in addition the artistic aspects of developing images with the help of latest softwares.

Duration- 3 months

Eligibility criteria:

8th standard.

Students who want to pursue this course, need to have basic training in computers along with internet knowledge.

Career options:

Following job positions are open before you, post completion of this course – Lightroom Expert, Image Editor, Photoshop expert etc.

Graphic Standard Course:

This short duration certificate course in Graphic Design is meant to create skills to analyze, design ideation, digital implementation inside business and contemporary settings. The students will get a chance to take a shot at different digital applications. They will be trained on basic design and lateral reasoning processes applicable to the design industry. Amid the course, they are presented to the design techniques and are trained on the procedures of brand creation.

Duration- 4 months

Eligibility criteria:

This is considered to be amongst the top courses after 10th. Along with this, you should be interested in working with computers and innovative activities like drawing and sketching would be an additional advantage.

Job opportunities:

You can work as a DTP Operator, Creative Consultant, Image Editor, Art Director etc.

Graphic Master:

This course covers all the desired aspects of the graphic design industry. Students can obtain the advanced training and not just figure out how to prepare a project portfolio but also in addition learn computer graphics software, digital photography, art and sketching and production skills. Sessions on photography will furnish the students with the sound comprehension of camera usage, lights, colours, product shoot, still photography and so forth…

Duration- 8 months courses after 10th.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any student who possesses innovative thoughts and will to work in a creative field can enroll for this course soon after completing the 10th standard.

Prescribed for Undergraduates, Graduates, Print Diploma holders and meant for everybody who has a slant towards creative work of art for print based advertising along with branding.

Career Options:

Get to work as a Digital Painter, Visualizer, Layout Artist and so on..

Photoshop Master:

Adobe Photoshop Master Course happens to be a short term course where you will figure out how to utilize Photoshop from beginners to advanced level. The objective of this course is to prepare people in basic techniques of Photoshop needed for the print media.

Duration- 2 months

Eligibility Criteria:

10th class pass students with following qualities are fit to join this top courses after 10th.

– Acquainted with Windows or the MAC operating system.

– A liking for design and innovative ideas

– Urge to work with new technologies

Job posts:

Work as a Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, Image Editor etc.

Graphic Premium course:

This course is specially designed for novice and professional graphic designers.

This course will introduce you the concepts of graphic design and its application in the contemporary world of designs. You will figure out how to utilize skills, tools and techniques to deliver visual communication through inventive graphic images for print and digital media. You will be trained in practical skills including conceptual and technical design, creating finished art; the effect of colour on design measurements; typography; art of graphic designing; layout strategies; and lots more.

Duration- 6 months

Eligibility Criteria:

– Those with a liking for drawing and sketching would serve as an added advantage.

– Anyone with the urge to work in the creative industry can enroll for this course post the completion of 10th standard.

– All those who are passionate about art, design and the digital platform.

Career opportunities:

Art Director, Cover Designer, UI Designer, Colouring Artist etc. are some of the job positions open for the ones completing this course.

Graphic Master Plus Course:

This courses after 10th involves the top of the line UI designing and UX planning for web, print and TV. In case of work modules, students seek for a scope in manual and digital media to give a realistic touch to their chosen specialization.

It is a course which isn’t just covering the present day’s most popular and advanced computer designing applications yet in addition incorporates visual grammar, applied art, concept art, UI designing (UID), user experience designing (UXD), product shooting, photography and so on.

Duration- 12 months

Eligibility Criteria:

If you…

– are 10+2 or equivalent, then it would be beneficial for you

– like designing

– wish to have a career in UX and UI designing

– have got good drawing and sketching skills

– are aware of computer basics like internet browsing and familiar with MS PowerPoint and MS Word would be an added advantage.

Career options:

Bootstrap Expert, TV UI Designer, Motion Graphics etc…

Thus we saw some of the top courses after 10th in Graphic Design.

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