Career Guidance Tips: How To Tackle Confusion After Engineering?

Post the completion of Engineering, majority of the graduates are confused as to which way to go, what to do etc. SayTooLoud would like to share with such engineering graduates, career guidance tips on what can they do now, what are the various options before them and so on…

career guidance tips and career advice

Pursue M.Tech:

Post completion of engineering, one can definitely go the M.Tech way.

Enroll your name in a career resource centre:

In the wake of completing your engineering course, an unquestionable requirement is to make the correct choice in order to secure one’s career. The majority of the candidates enlist their name in a career resource centre, which guides them in finding their dream career or which take them towards better career options.

Do an internship:

An internship offers an opportunity where a fresher gets exposure to the professional environment. So, on the off chance that you join a reputed organization for an internship, it offers you with an added advantage in terms of experience.

Think about going abroad for higher education:

You can consider this career guidance tip seriously. In the event that it is feasible, it is a good option for an engineering student to go abroad for higher studies.

Give a thought to your hobbies:

Go back to your hobbies and pursue them as they would help you in achieving your career dreams.

Create and expand your network:

You should create your own network. You will get valuable information from your seniors or individuals experienced to you in this field, and seek career help from them on the most proficient way to begin your career.

Try for the Civil Services:

Quite a few engineers don’t prefer a job in any company, however, they choose to join the Civil Services. The Civil Services offer safety and security to each engineering graduate.

Career guidance tips from a career counselor:

Every academic institution has their in-house career advisor or career counselor who helps the students with professional guidance. Such an individual facilitates an environment which helps the students who are confounded with regards to their future.

Pursue MBA:

These days, many engineers look forward to finishing their academic qualification by joining a MBA degree programme. Masters degree in business administration offers a general element for the engineers to conquer their economical instability as far as recruitment goes.

Begin your small business:

Looking for a job doesn’t always make you feel content. So if your financial status permits you, it would be a smart thought to begin with a start-up and end up innovative with your creative thoughts.

Career Guidance Tips For Engineering Students:

1. Try new things:

Learn about topics you think you have no interest in

2. Get an internship (paid or unpaid):

This helps you discover what type of work you like and don’t like

3. Take on leadership responsibility:

However, you can find it, be a leader. Your resume will become strong and attractive because of it.

4. Start putting together your resume:

Volunteer. Join a club. Create a club. Get that internship!

5. Get good grades:

Don’t go overboard. Learning about yourself and new opportunities will require good relationships. Take time to live.


Don’t exclude people from your life. You have something to learn from everyone. If you don’t know, ask. If someone seeks your advice, be honest. Seek meaningful relationships.

7. Get to know YOURSELF!:

You will just locate a beneficial profession in the event that you really comprehend what you’re searching for in any case.

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