Career Guidance-Tips to Choosing the Right Career After 10th Standard

10th standard is an important milestone in one’s life. That’s because one chooses the stream of his/her choice after 10th and it forms the foundation of your career path ahead. Therefore, it becomes important to that you are choosing the right career. But how can you achieve this?

To help you in this, SayTooLoud would like to share with you, a few career guidance tips. Hope that these would help you in choosing the right career after 10th standard. So, read along….

choosing the right career after 10th standard

Pay attention towards your passion/interest area:

As they state-‘Do what you love’. Indeed, this is a decent method to adopt. Doing as such will ensure to keep us happy for the entire life! Take a seat, keep paper and pen close by. Presently, give a thought to your area of intrigue. What interests you the most? Scribble it down on paper. Obviously, there could be something in addition to just a single entry. Scribble them all down. Post that, make the rundown shorter. Discard the entries other than the ones you truly care about. Finally, you will be left with a solitary entry that you are most energetic about.

E.g. Do you wish to become a sculptor? Want to earn a name as a famous artist? The Arts stream would be suitable for you.

Now, in the event that you adopt the next point, you won’t experience much difficulty in choosing the right career that will lead you towards a career that is surrounding you area of intrigue.

Get to know the different streams inside out:

Without having insights about the various streams (e.g. difficulty level, subjects, career paths and so on), you won’t have the capacity to discover which one of them suits you the most!

In this way, it ends up noticeably important to grab maximum details about the different streams as could be feasible. Discover about finer points such as education boards, career paths that exist, vital subjects, difficulty level and subjects. When you have the two data sets prepared, you could take a seat, give a thought and land at a conclusion!

The three broad streams available in India are as follows:

– Science

– Commerce and

– Arts

Pay attention towards your strengths, aptitude and personality:

Sufficient consideration must be given to one’s aptitude. In the event that you are weak in science stream subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology), you will face tough time confronting the subjects that exist in science stream! This is the reason opting for a stream as indicated by one’s aptitude is important! One could seek help from online and additionally offline aptitude tests to discover one’s ‘capabilities’ and ‘range’.

To make use of one’s qualities is another effective method. On the off chance that you are good at subjects like Finance and Statistics, going for the commerce stream will be an advantage for you! Research more about your strong areas (academic) and pick streams in light of such strengths.

A point that will definitely find place in the list of top tips after 10th, in terms of career.

Go for educational counseling:

A qualified educational counselor will have the capacity to understand you and discover a stream that is made for you! In the event that you have good counseling services, gain benefit from them. It will likewise enable your parents to get an idea regarding the entire procedure. Both parents and their children must get associated with this process.

On the off chance that you cannot find a decent educational counselor, you may look for help from your teachers. They unquestionably know more about you than simply your name! They, through consistent interaction with you for quite a while, may have insights about your personality, strengths and traits. In light of this learning and their teaching foundation, they might have the capacity to provide you with career guidance tips!

Go on field trips:

Field trip is an outing to the work place identified with your career of interest. E.g. assume you wish to become a Doctor. A field outing will enable you to discover whether the workplace will suit you or not. Visit closest hospital or a doctor’s clinic and observe the workplace of a Doctor. You may likewise look into his/her timetable. On the off chance you find it necessary, you may likewise be involved in a discussion and get to know more about the field from the Doctor!

This will enable you to discover if the job of a Doctor suits you or not! Initially, it might appear to be illogical. In any case, there have been cases where field trips have assisted students to make the correct decision.

Get to know about the scope, career prospects and possibilities with regards to the stream:

If it is the case that you are a bright student academically and constructing a rewarding career is your prime thought process, you should give sufficient significance to this aspect. Study each stream and take a look at various prospects related with it. Presently, a few streams offer access to different job opportunities. The key is to find out what the future in that field will resemble. Will its need lessen later on? Is it exceedingly vulnerable towards recession? You should attempt to discover answers to such questions.

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