Career guidance after Graduation in Science-Tips and Best Computer Courses

There are lots of candidates who opted for engineering as their career. It is a known fact that engineering alone is not enough to have a good career growth. Follow these Career Guidance After Graduation In Science to make a successful career.

Career guidance after Graduation in Science

Career Guidance After Graduation In Science

1) Law:

After any basic graduation you can choose to become a lawyer which has lots of scope in practicing for private firms as a legal consultant. Good Communicational skills are also important to put forward your views. You can work in private firm or work as a lawyer in court and you just need to be certified from reputed law institutes. This is one of the best career guidance tips after graduation.

2) MBA:

You can get secured jobs with handsome salary packages after securing an MBA degree. In government or private companies there are lots of management related jobs. You just need to get an MBA degree from reputed business schools to add value to your resume. GMAT is also another option available for you to study in abroad.

3) Computer MCA: Career Guidance After Graduation In Science

This 3 year course is suitable if you have a graduation in science with mathematics and computer science group or even a BCA can apply for this course. You can make your career in academics, software development, web-designing, and computer hardware. Just enroll yourself into best computer courses after graduation in Science.

4) Medical Lab Technology:

You can work as an assistant to a physician in treatment and management if you choose the Medical lab Technology course. The bodily fluids of various patients must be tested by this professional. Diagnosis of bacterial and microbial species are taught in this course. As per the Career Guidance after Graduation in Science this course has good scope and paid well.

5) Master of Arts (MA):

There are various courses in MA like public administration, psychology, etc. Psychology course has various subdivisions and one of them is clinical psychology which deals with human behavior. After this degree you can get hired in detective agencies or work in private clinics. If you choose public administration then you can choose various profiles like sociology, accountancy, law, etc.

6) Radiology:

After this degree you can become a professional to use bio-medical devises. You would have good knowledge about imaging the human body. This job has good scope and has good pay scale.

7) B.ED:

If you are interested in teaching then this is the best course for you. This is frequently chosen by most of the graduates. Either you can choose to become a teacher or proceed with M.ED.

8) Masters in Science:

There are lots of options in this course like material science, biomedical sciences, astronomy etc. You can also choose analytical chemistry, petroleum technology, and pharmaceutical chemistry if you choose chemistry as your subject. Nutrition, food sciences and diet comes under biology stream.

New Professional Courses in Science : Career Guidance After Graduation In Science

Advanced Postgraduate Programme in Intelligent Systems & Robotics:

If you are interested in the domain of Robotics and Future Intelligent Systems then this two-year full-time postgraduate course is the best for you. You just need to hold a B.Sc, M.Sc degree in any medically related group like Life Sciences, Physical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences etc.

Diploma in Fisheries Technology/ Aquaculture:

With this career choice you can either choose for a self-employment or work for any fishery which needs a professional to preserve, market, control the quality, harvest management, and fish breeding.

PG courses in Biological & Life Sciences:

With respect to the institute you join you can either do this course via an M.Sc program or a PG Diploma program. Genetics, plant and animal biology, ecosystems, ecology, oceanography, biochemistry, anatomy etc. are few subjects that are taught.

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