Career guidance after 12th arts – Best tips after 12th

There are lots of candidates who are searching for professional courses after 12th Arts and here is a career guidance after 12th arts which can be helpful for such candidates.

Career guidance after 12th arts

Career Guidance after 12th Arts:

1) Bachelor of Arts

There are lots of candidates who still pursue this course named as Bachelor of Arts. The duration of this course is for 3 years. The syllabus is quite easy. Career guidance after graduation says that there are lots of Government job opportunities for candidates who get this degree. You can pursue this degree after your 12th standard. There is also a postgraduate course called MA after this course.


  • Introduction to Design

  • Visual Perception

  • Introduction to Graphics

  • Introduction to Mechanics

  • English Language

  • History of Cultures

  • Workshops

2) Journalism Mass Communication

This course is very much in demand and there is a good professional career in the Media Sector. It is not just limited to printing press and TV but also into digital media. Career guidance tips after 12th arts say that the mass communication professionals are very much in demand. The duration of the course is for three years. There are other diploma and certification courses which is between 1 to 2 years.


  • Languages and Translation

  • Media Ethics

  • Reporting

  • Communication Skills

  • Editing

  • Mass Communication

3) Hotel Management

Career Guidance after 12th arts says that this course has lots of scope and trains in providing managerial skills to the candidates. The duration of the course is for three years. There are also diploma courses that you can do. There are lots of Hotels in India and you can get hired easily.


  • Front Office Operations

  • Nutrition and Food Science

  • Communication Skills

  • Travel Management

  • Foreign Language

  • Food Production

  • Public Relations

4) B.B.A.

This 3-year course named as Bachelor Business Administration will help you to make a strong career in Management. After graduation, you can also apply for Post Graduation course like MBA. You can also get hired in managerial positions, and finance. Both Commerce and Arts Student can apply for this course.


  • Business Communications

  • Financial Management

  • Economics

  • Human Resource Management

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

5) Fashion Design

If you want to be successful in this career then you need to have good creative skills. This course lasts for 4 years. You will get to know both theoretical and practical experience in this field.

6) Graphic Design

This is a very big field with lots of specialization. There are various professional courses as well. Here are few courses like Graphic Designing, animation, Bachelor’s degree, Diploma Courses etc.

7) Teacher Traning Courses

Career Guidance After 12th Arts says that there are lots of scope in the teaching line as well. Being a teacher is definitely a good status in the society.


Event today Arts field have a very good scope and there are lots of job opportunities over here apart from that you can apply for higher studies as well. There are lots of management courses after 12th arts like BMS, BBA, BBS etc. After this, you can go for an MBA program. This will definitely make your career successful.

BA is a basic graduation degree after which one can opt for Government Sector jobs IAS and IPS and other services like Railways, Armed Forces, Municipal bodies and Administrative posts.

If you have good creativity then you can end up being in an artist by taking up any theatre-related courses.

There are lots of other courses like BHM, Aviation, BTTM then you can choose the Hospitality sector. This field definitely has good job opportunities.

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