Career Counseling As A Different Career Option

Have you ever thought of counseling as one of the career choices? A few years ago, this must not have even crossed your mind. These days, you are at least able to hear about it from some source or the other. What is it all about?



Let’s take an insight into the same.

Career counseling, considered to be a talking therapy, is the process that enables an individual to discuss their issues and sentiments to an expert named counselor. Counseling provides a chance to investigate one’s thoughts, e.g. outrage, hatred, blame, fear and so on, in a secured and private environment. Counseling is meant for helping one to comprehend what is happening and empower them to settle on their own decisions, achieve their own particular choices and to follow up on them in like manner.

Counseling is a challenging and lucrative profession for those searching for a job focused on working specifically with individuals to help take care of real-life issues.

Following are the different types of counselors:

  • Career advisor/career counselors

  • Educational/Career Guidance counselors

  • Family and marriage counselors

  • Alcohol/Drug abuse counselors

  • Rehabilitation counselors

  • Health/Mental counselors

Let’s discuss over here different aspects about Career/Educational counselor as a career, since it is becoming hugely popular. His/her major job is to do career counseling and guide the visitors on different things related to their academics and career at large.

How to become one?

The individuals who wish to become a counselor is recommended to have a background in psychological studies. This is on account that psychology gives knowledge into human conduct, which comprehends issues clearly. Career/Educational counselors should be certified trainers who have earned a master degrees in school counseling or educational counseling.

Courses in Counseling:

Interested may take up courses in career development, human development and counseling strategies. Different institutes in India offer Diploma, PG Diploma and Certificate Courses in Counseling and Guidance.

Salary Range:

Salary compensation for a counselor varies as per the area of work they have chosen. In the starting phase of their vocation, one can earn up to Rs. 20,000-25000 every month. They can charge students and customers anything between Rs.500 to Rs. 2000 for a professional counseling session with them. Sky is the limit for gifted and experienced advisors.

Desired skills:

The most important skills required for counselors are effective communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal), undivided attention and perception, elucidation, reflection and questioning abilities. Counseling is a career that requires a great deal of persistence, resilience, sensitiveness and commitment.

That was regarding counseling as a career. Go for it if you are interested ! All the best !!!

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