Career Advice Straight From The Mouth of These Top 5 Inspirational Leaders !

Majority of the times, we all like to give advice to others. However, we do not like to be advised.


But what if you are getting career help right from the experts or successful leaders? Won’t you like it?

Most of you would say a big “YES”. Correct?

Well, here’s the kicker:

In this blog, we will be sharing with you, new career ideas and career advice, right from the mouth of these inspirational leaders.

Be blessed and read on….

1. Warren Buffet:

Practice humility and restraint.

Amid the Berkshire Hathaway yearly investors meeting, Buffet additionally told an inquisitive seventh-grader that the way to making companions and developing a bond with colleagues is figuring out how to change your conduct as you develop by copying those you appreciate and embracing the qualities they have.

That’s gold from a golden man!

2. Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs had once said that, we’re continually looking at following our passions and dreams, however, we’re all piece of the history … one must return something to the flow of history that will help your community at large, to help other individuals … so 20, 30, years henceforth… people will state, this individual didn’t simply have a passion, he thought about making something that other individuals could benefit from.

3. Bill Gates:

In an interview dated back in 2009, with CNBC, Microsoft’s chairman and co-founder Bill Gates appreciated Warren Buffet’s skill to keep things simple. Even he himself believes in the same thing.

4. Deepak Chopra:

In a LinkedIn post dated an year ago, Deepak Chopra, founder and author of The Chopra Foundation and a motivational speaker, said that he wished he grasped the wisdom of vulnerability at a more youthful age.

“Grasp the wisdom of uncertainty” is what he advices.

5. J.K. Rowling:

Who doesn’t know her? The author of the famous Harry Potter series. She asks us to embrace failure just like success! Such a deep thought!

She went ahead to state that she thought of her early failure a “gift” that was “painfully won,” since she got valuable insight about herself and her relations through the times of adversity.

That was successful leaders advising you for your career !

You can also seek professional career counseling. It would help you big time.

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