Biomedical Engineering Scope Jobs and Colleges in India

Biomedical Engineering happens to be a field with wide scope. The need is to tap the opportunities provided by the field. For that, we would like to share with you, Biomedical engineering scope and thus the various opportunities offered by the field.

Biomedical Engineering Scope Jobs and Colleges in India

Biomedical Engineering scope in India:

Biomedical Engineering is a field that is at present in the development phase in India, resulting into a limited scope for this field. One of the primary reasons for this is because of the absence of integration between research facilities, hospitals and Indian universities.

In India, the greater part of jobs identified with Biomedical Engineering belong to non-technical areas e.g. maintenance, customer support etc. Students keen on seeking after a career in research and core development are functional in Biomedical Engineering must search for employments in labs, universities and research centers in India or seek after MS and PhD studies in UK, USA and different countries. While, a solid association exists amongst universities and hospitals in case of developed countries such as US and Singapore,, consequently developing an ideal environment for R&D in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

List of Biomedical engineering colleges:

Mentioned below, is the list of famous Biomedical engineering colleges that offer this course at different levels:

– NIT in Raipur

– Bharati Vidyapeeth in Pune

– IIT Bombay (MTech and PhD)

– IIT Kanpur (MTech and PhD)

– VIT in Vellore

Just to name a few, there are others as well……and you can check them out.

List of Biomedical engineering companies:

Some of the top names offering jobs in Biomedical engineering and related branches:

– Siemens

– L&T

– Philips Healthcare

– General Electric Global Research, Bangalore

– Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Etc….

Biomedical Engineering jobs:

Biomedical Engineering graduates can win job opportunities in places like Clinics, Pathological labs and Hospitals in addition to Rehabilitation Centers. To name a few, commonly found job posts for which graduates are eligible, are as follows:

– Biomedical Engineer

– Lab Technician/Administrator

– Equipment Design Engineer

– Research Engineer

Post completing the M.E./M.Tech. programme, one may take up the post of a lecturer in Private or Government Engineering/Technical Colleges. Pursuing a Ph.D. course will open doors that lead towards a rewarding career in the Research and Development sector associated with Biomedical Engineering.

A wide range of job opportunities for the deserving and qualified candidates!

This was about the Biomedical Engineering scope, in terms of a career in it.

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