Best Programming Language to Learn for IT Jobs in 2019

Want to know which programming languages can land you the best IT jobs in 2019? You will have to go through this blog of ours, where we will be listing out the best programming language to learn for IT jobs, just for you!

Best Programming Language to Learn for IT Jobs in 2019

A handy list to have, for all those who are looking for a career in software development or programming.

List of best programming language to learn for jobs in 2019:


C++ happens to be C#’s more basic forerunner. At first launched in 1983, C++ has since that time been a backbone of computer programming. Both Apple and Microsoft depend on C++ for developing applications and Operating Systems alike. With that viewpoint, it won’t be wrong to state that a large portion of the world keeps running on C++ at some or the other level.


Java for ages has been an integral part of the programming scene and is a standout amongst the most prominent and basic programming languages around the world. It’s deployed for creating native Android applications and is adored by the developers for its qualities like readability and long haul compatibility. Java is generally used to develop applications or applets that can run on one gadget or crosswise over many. Examples of such applications are Amazon, Netflix etc.


PHP is like Python, yet with web development features blended directly into the language. Numerous novice students transit from Python to PHP without hardly facing any difficulties as it is a practical language for web development. PHP enjoys a bigger user-base compared to Python, which gives it a more extensive scope of applications. Both Python and PHP are powerful tools both in figuring out how to program and in proceeding to ace Computer Science.


C# happens to be a language that is very versatile in nature. In addition, it’s an extremely corporate language too. It’s likewise a good language and it isn’t so much hard to learn, despite the fact that one can state, with every one of the features which they’re including and the degree to which that language is expanded, it’s unquestionably gotten more complex, yet it is exceptionally expressive and a handy language. C# would definitely be there amongst the top languages. Finding a job with C# is not at all a problem. It’s simply going to be an easy place to be there into a Microsoft Shop.


On one hand, Java is utilized to build in structure of applications, JavaScript is the one that transforms them into interactive and exciting. Commonly abbreviated as JS, JavaScript is considered as being the primary programming language of the World Wide Web. Every single of the major browsers possess JavaScript abilities built in, in light of the fact that almost every site fuses JavaScript into its function. On the off chance that each site needs JavaScript, at that point each business with a site would require a JavaScript developer. That alone is sufficient to give us the picture of the job prospects with respect to JavaScript.


SQL, represents the Structured Query Language and is utilized for managing extensive databases, that is something all around essential for each business in this modern era. From hospitals to banks, small businesses to universities, SQL serves to be the tool of choice. With such a substantial assortment of businesses requiring SQL specialists, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the demand is rising. SQL is one of a kind amongst the database managing languages in that it permits for easy record retrieval.

If you are aiming for the best computer jobs in 2019, then now you know what you need to learn. Yes, we are talking about the best programming language to learn for IT jobs.

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