Best Programming Language to Learn Hacking in 2019

Planning to learn and go the Hacking way this 2019? Do you know as to which is the best programming language to learn Hacking? If not, then you will get to know here as we list them out for you!

Best Programming Language to Learn Hacking in 2019

For that, first of all you have to realize that hacking isn’t a button click job, instead, it is a compartmentalized and serialized task which utilizes distinctive programming languages for various purposes.

Hacking is normally intended to break a code. There happen to be three areas of hacking namely Exploit Writing, Web Hacking and Reverse Engineering and every one of these requires a different programming language.

So, here is a rundown of the various programming languages that you need to know, based on the type of Hacking you are looking to carry out…

List of top programming languages to learn in 2019, for Hacking:

Exploit Writing:

One of the most critical feature of hacking exploits. You can break a specific software by writing an exploit. However, for writing an exploit, you will have to learn either Ruby or Python.

– Ruby:

Ruby is a basic yet complex object-oriented language. Ruby proves to be extremely useful with regards to exploit writing. Hackers use it for meterpreter scripting. The most well known hacker tool, Metasploit framework is Ruby programmed. Despite the fact that Ruby may not be as flexible as Python, having the knowledge of Ruby becomes a must for understanding exploits.

– Python:

It is recommended that a hacker or a security researcher should have the knowledge of Python as it forms the core language for tools and exploits creation. Security specialists and also star pro hackers recommend that mastering Python is the best programming language to learn hacking. Python provides more extensive flexibility and you can come up with exploits, only if you are good at Python.

Web based Hacking:

Since a large portion of the tech is based around the world over wide web, it is essential to learn web hacking for becoming a good hacker. Suppose you are keen on hacking web based applications and/or sites, then you should learn web coding. Websites mostly use HTML, JavaScript and PHP, so it becomes necessary to have knowledge of these three.

– JavaScript:

JS happens to be a client side web programming for the most part utilized in sites for enhanced UI and faster response. On the off chance that you are looking for a career in hacking, you have to learn JavaScript in light of the fact that it assists to understand the client-side functioning which is basic for discovering client side flaws.


One of the simplest and broadly utilized static markup web language present in every single site you visit in your browser. It’s recommended that you learn HTML since it helps to understand web actions, logic and response.

Amongst the best programming languages to learn hacking. Specially, if you are going for web based hacking.

Reverse Engineering:

Reverse Engineering is the technique of using a software program’s binary code, and reproducing it in order to follow it back to the original source code. On the off chance that you know Reverse Engineering, you can discover bugs and flaws with ease. On the off chance that you want to learn Reverse Engineering, you are required to know C, C++ and Java. The technique of changing over the code written in a high-level language into a low-level language without altering the original program, is called as Reverse Engineering.

Thus we saw the details of some of the best programming language to learn for IT jobs, particularly Hacking.

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