Which is the Best Course After 10th Class?

Unlike in the past, these days, post 10th class provides you with a wide range of opportunities in terms of educational courses. So comes the question before every student, which is the best course after 10th class amongst the so many options available?

which is the best course after 10th class

Over here, we will try and find an answer to this question with regards to the science and commerce stream.

In the event that you are one of those students who are in a dilemma opting for either, we attempt our best to make it less difficult for you to understand the basic distinction in both these courses.

The decision of Science or Commerce courses after 10th class is a hard one. Both these courses establish the foundation on which a student’s future career is based. Thus, the decision turns out to be more troublesome for majority of the students. Question that arises is, which is the best course after 10th class?

We would be comparing the two as far as the scope of study is concerned. That’s because it is an important factor to consider while making a choice.

Given beneath is a comparison of these two courses:-

Scope of study:


Science is categorized into two viz., pure and applied science courses

applied sciences includes engineering and technology, medicine and so on.

Pure science comprises of theoretical

Be that as it may, the decision of either pure or applied is taken after XII standard.


Commerce course covers subjects such as economics, accounting and related subjects pertinent to the business and trade.

Knowing this would definitely help you to make a choice in terms of courses after 10th class.

A popular path:

The best and most widely made choice amongst 10th passed students in India. Post 10th , the most obvious advance ahead is – 10+1 took after by 10+2.

These days, most job positions need a Bachelor’s Degree as the bare minimum academic qualification required. With a specific end goal to undergo a Bachelor’s Degree course, you should have completed 10+2 in any case! This demonstrates how helpful this career path is!

On the off chance that you are interested with going this way, you have numerous alternatives available before you. 11th and 12th standards have three major streams in India. They happen to be –

– Science stream

– Commerce stream and

– Arts stream

In view of your aptitude and interest, you may pick a fitting stream and proceed with 10+1 and 10+2 examinations.

In the wake of finishing 10+2, you may pick a professional course that is related to your stream (i.e. Science, Commerce or Arts)!

Making a choice:

– Both have promising career prospects as far as pursuing higher professional courses are concerned.

– Commerce students can’t switch to streams/courses identified with Science post 12th , while it can be done the other way round.

– Commerce is less stressful as far as hours spent in studies/college is concerned, while science students invest more time on the off chance that one considers the time spent for practicals, classes etc.

– Pick the one that goes with your skills and the one which you believe you are really enthusiastic about.

Weigh the above factors as it would help you in deciding as to which is the best courses after 10th class for you.

Still unsure about science or commerce?

Students who are alright with subjects identified with these two streams, however are befuddled which to take, can weigh both the alternatives,

wherein Science has more choices as in Commerce puts brakes on higher education related to Science, while the entryway is open for Science students to change choices after 12th.

You can likewise measure the physical/mental pressure associated with both these courses.

It is quite possible that sooner or later, once you pursue with your studies, you may feel that neither Science nor Commerce is meant for you.

Try not to stress, there are a lot of substitute alternatives to pick after your XII in other professional streams such as IT, Law, Hospitality and Tourism, Teaching and so forth.

In this manner, at this point of time, go for a decision which you feel is appropriate for you at present, and recollect that this isn’t the end, rather just the beginning.

As you begin to understand and grow with time, you will discover that you still have more, varied and better alternatives going ahead.

So, have patience and keep going!

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