Best Animation Courses after 10th and 12th and Graduation

This blog from SayTooLoud is all about the best Animation courses after 10th and 12th and Graduation, along with the salary and career prospects in addition to the list of colleges offering them. An Animation course can be proposed as it is a rising art form for those skilled in drawing and sketching abilities. Obviously, passion assumes a critical part in picking this course of study.

Best Animation Courses after 10th and 12th and Graduation

Post 10th standard, one may opt for an animation course yet most settle on it after-PUC. Some specific techniques and methods require higher qualifications during entry level. Prior to entering into learning animation straightforwardly, it is advised to go for some foundation courses such that the learning becomes less demanding and interesting at the same time. A portion of these courses have a duration of few months and could run up to an year. We will see the various course options below,

Animation Courses after 10th- Diploma in animation Programmes:

Here is a list of animation courses belonging to this category, from which you can choose,

– Web Application Development

– 2D Classical & Digital Animation

– Graphic Design & Web Development

– 3D Animation etc….

Likewise, there are a number of courses that demand 12th standard as the minimum qualification. Which are these? Let’s find out….

Animation Courses after 12th:

– BFA in Animation

– Diploma in Visual Effect &3D Animation

– BFA – Digital Film Making and VFX

– B.A. (Hons.) in Communication Design (Game Art and Design)

– B. Sc. in Animation, Graphics and Gaming

Moving up to the next level, we will now take a look at some of the post graduate Animation courses,

Animation Courses after Graduation:

– Advance Diploma in Animation (ADA)

– Advance Diploma in 3D Max

– Post Graduate Diploma in Print, Online or Broadcast/Multimedia Journalism

– Advance Course – Fine Arts

– 3D Animation Masterclass

Mentioned over here are some of the career oriented animation courses that you can pursue after completing your graduation.

Now, the question arising in your mind would be, which are the reputed colleges that conduct these Animation courses? Well, don’t worry as we are going to tell you about them as well.

Best Animation Colleges after 12th:

– Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC)- Mumbai

– Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media (IIJNM) – Bangalore

– Sai Technology – Ahmedabad

– Film Magic-Animation Academy – Chennai

– Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology- Bangalore

You can inquire about them through various sources and obtain more information…

Career prospects and job profiles:

Despite the fact that majority would say that owning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in fine arts or animation is beneficial, if one is sufficiently creative, finding a job after pursuing a short course ought not be an issue. In any case, one should dependably remember to go for a degree in future such that it does value addition to the job that one possibly might be doing. A degree likewise makes one competent and makes them prepared for accepting challenging and higher responsibilities.

Some attractive job profiles for those pursuing animation course after 10th standard:

– Storyboard artist

– Matte painter

– Graphics Designer

– Video/Audio Editor and so on….

Pay scales:

Reports as of June 2018, suggest that the average pay for an Animator is around Rs 350691 annually or Rs 100 /hr. … in these modern times.

By now, you must have got a fair idea about the best Animation courses after 10th and 12th and Graduation.

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