How to Become a Lab Technician – Top Course after 10th and 12th

Have you just completed your 10th or 12th? Do you want to know how to become a Lab Technician? Then you are at the right place you can either choose to do lab technician course after 10th or diploma courses after 10th in medical field.

How to Become a Lab Technician- top course after 10th and 12th

Details About Medical Lab Technician:

Medical Lab Technician generally evaluates the blood or urine samples provided for testing. A specially trained professional termed as Medical Lab Technician MLT works on all the test samples provided to help the doctors in the further treatment and diagnosis of disease.

Here are few apparatus used by Medical lab techs like microscopes, cell counters and computerized analyzers for conducting lots of testing methodologies. A proper lab is required for a medical lab technician which is mostly positioned in a hospital, near a clinic or any other doctor’s office. There are lots of lab technician course after 10th available for you to join.

Main Role of a Medical Lab Technician:

Before choosing the career of a lab tech you need to know what is the daily working of a lab technician. Here is what you need to do:

Normally a medical professional who has a good experience in fetching samples from the patients also termed as a phlebotomist is given with the tissue samples and bodily fluids.

For getting into the samples and working on them for testing, you need to follow the mentioned methodologies.

1.The lab equipment and other apparatus needed for testing must be established.

2.Established testing procedures must be followed by conducting the tests.

3.Follow good hygiene by sterilizing the testing area and equipment.

4.Get in touch with the doctors by providing the test findings and offering extra information with respect to the demand.

5.Here are few duties an MLT would generally do: testing the samples for malignancies, cell abnormalities, and the existence of bacteria or parasites.

Let It Know How To Become a Lab Technician

If you want to make a remarkable career in the healthcare industry then just choose to become a lab tech. Take the stream of Biology in your high school along with microbiology, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science which shapes your solid educational foundation for enrolling yourself into any advanced college training for getting employed in your respected field.

You can also enroll yourself in diploma courses after 12th or 10th and get an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technician Degree for getting employed in this field. The course program of this field would contain medical terminology, hematology, serology, basic human anatomy, microbiology, and immunohematology.

Even a practical experience in a laboratory setting would be great for you and therefore you can apply the things you have learned by grooming your skills.

An internship will be provided by the company which hires you for providing on-the-job training.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Medical Laboratory Technician

There are lots of advantages and potential disadvantages of being a lab tech. Let us see the advantages first:


1.This has a wonderful scope and you can easily get into this field without spending four years in college.

2.You can assist lots of sick people to recover and your patients will be offered with good services and you can also get in touch with doctors and learn and provide the necessary data for diagnosis and treatment process.

3.For people who are wanting to continue their education, there are lots of career options.

4.A very good empowering healthcare setting for the employees.

5.You can also complete your specialization in cytotechnology, immunohematology, and histotechnology. You can also gain advanced earning potential during the career.


1.There are lots of work stress in dealing with the doctors.

2.Risk of dealing with harmful bodily fluids.

3.Lifestyle is not sedentary it requires long hours of standing with good concentration.

4.There is no fixed time schedule.

Other Working opportunities

Normally most of the lab techs work in doctor’s clinics, hospitals, and other medical path labs. Apart from these, there are also other opportunities in the industries. Medical research laboratories, universities, blood banks, and production of medicinal and pharma products are few other places where you can work.

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