5 Ways Of Becoming An Experienced Clinical Research Associate

Looking for Clinical Research Associate as a career option? If so, we would like to tell you that, recruiters are searching for “experienced” clinical research associates. You can’t gain experience if no one hires you for the part and individuals who are hiring are searching for people with experience. Given that there is no “clinical research” major at universities and colleges, it can be very testing to get academic experience also.


So, how to get the required experience for getting the right career opportunities in this field ? Well, SayTooLoud would tell you about a few means to get the same….

Invest in education:

One of the fastest approaches to exhibit that you are serious about turning into a clinical research associate is to invest into education. You can go through regulatory guidance archives on various topics relating to the clinical research industry.

Then again you can take a clinical research certification course. When you are taking classes, try to discover chances to get some hands-on experience on a genuine clinical research project. The most ideal approach to find out about potential opportunities to converse with your instructors. They would have associations in the business and would be normally cheerful to acquaint you with other clinical research professionals. You would win course credit for the venture and furthermore get hands-on experience taking a shot at a real-life project.


Hospitals are searching for individuals to volunteer. As a volunteer, your job can be as basic as moving patients on the wheelchair across medical units, assisting with online networking endeavors, articles writing for the hospital site or working with the hospital medical director on a clinical research venture.

Each of these parts offer you different points of view that are important to comprehend as a clinical research associate.

A part time job for 4-6 hours per week is for the most part adequate. You can apply for these volunteer positions straightforwardly through the hospital administration or emailing medical directors specifically to check whether they have a research opportunity they can utilize some free help with.

In the wake of volunteering for 3-6 months, you ought to be in a superior position to converse with potential recruiters about your experience and how it can profit them should they choose to hire you.

You can also seek career help for the same.

Publish Clinical Research related content on the web:

One of the innovative approaches to demonstrate that you have “experience” is to publish videos on Youtube or compose articles on LinkedIn on various subjects identified with clinical research associate. For instance, you can read regulatory guidance archives and make fascinating videos or write online articles to share your learning. The key here is to be reliably deliver top notch content over a duration of 3-6 months.

Work as a Clinical Research Assistant or Coordinator:

One approach to exhibit comprehension of the clinical research associate part is to work as a clinical research assistant. Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) or hospitals that take part in clinical trials can offer such opportunities. CROs are normally searching for people with practically zero experience to deal with administrative tasks. Hospitals are searching for research coordinators to enlist clinical trial patients, perform chart audit or clinical trial data entry. More than 6 months to a year, you will gain further comprehension of the clinical research associate position.

Attend a conference:

Association of Clinical Research Professionals and Society of Clinical Research Professionals arrange yearly conferences that are frequently attended by clinical research associates. These conferences can enable you to quicken your learning about the most recent challenges and opportunities faced by clinical research professionals.

Thus, you can gain the desired experience through above ways and look ahead for better career opportunities.

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