10 Most Unusual and Interesting Courses In India!

When you think about the various career options in our country, more often than not, you would think about the regular ones like Engineering, Medical or at the most IAS. That’s how far most of us would go.


But guess what?

Here are some unusual and interesting courses or career opportunities that would make you say “what ?”. Let’s check them out over here…

1. Puppetry:

One of the most ancient types of amusement, puppetry is significantly more than simply playing with the manikins. It is additionally an important source of education and many schools and colleges utilize manikins to enlighten students about different subjects. Over a time frame, this workmanship, which was in threat of getting lost, is again picking up acknowledgment and appreciation.

Course details:

Mumbai University has a Certificate Course in Puppetry. The course is held by famous theater actor and puppeteer, Meena Naik.

2. Museology:

As the name implies, it is the study related to museums and their part in our society. It offers you the skills of museum management and museum accumulations. The course is associated with Archeology and one needs a decent learning of history and culture to pick this profession. How intriguing it could be to know the rarest of actualities about a nation, isn’t that so? For all the inquisitive personalities, look for this course now.

Course details:

National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi organizes different courses in this field. University of Calcutta additionally offers MA and MSc courses in Museology.

3. Carpet Technology:

This hatke career option will assist change the eventual fate of Indian carpet industry. In the event that you need to know the workmanship and history of carpets and need to make imaginative contribution to this career, you are the ideal fit for this course.

Course details:

Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh offers you with different degree and diploma courses in Carpet Technology. It is a unique institute in Asia and will enable you to get good jobs. You can likewise look at Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Srinagar.

4. Pet Grooming:

This one will need you to improve a pet’s cleanliness and appearance. From washing to dealing with them to seeing any medical problem, a pet groomer knows everything about the animal.

Course details:

Whiskers and Tails Franchise and Pet Grooming Academy, Mumbai offers Certification course in pet prepping. Fuzzy Wuzzy Professional Pet Grooming School additionally is a decent choice to prepare yourself in pet prepping.

5. Tea Tasting:

What could be superior to tasting magnificent teas and getting paid for it? Acting as a tea sommelier can be lucrative on the off chance that you get the correct opportunity. You can get a beginning pay of Rs.50,000 every month at a five star hotel. The sommelier tastes the tea as well as gives counsel, does branding, and has a decent knowledge of cultivation and producing.

Course details:

Some of the names who conduct related courses are-

Assam Agricultural University, The Tea Tasters Academy, Indian Institute of Plantation Management Bangalore etc.

6. Ethical Hacking:

For each one of the individuals who hack friends’ social media accounts for a kick, for the individuals who are great at breaching passwords and getting into a locked system, the individuals who invest a greater part of their time trying different things with different codes – this is an incredible approach to put those grey cells of yours to a decent utilize. You can break the security of computer frameworks and get paid for it! The average salary package ranges between Rs. 2-5 lakhs.

Course details:

Establishments like Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security offer different courses in ethical hacking.

7. Public Health Entomology:

It is centered around arthropods and insects that affect human wellbeing. The occupation likewise incorporates research on conduct and nature of different such species. A man in this field gets a decent opportunity to meet and associate with local and state authorities. Numerous universities, government offices and chemical organizations search for individuals to procure in this field.

Course details:

Vector Control Research Center (VCRC) at Pondicherry University offers a two year Post-Graduate Degree course in this stream. You can likewise look for Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

8. Habitat Practice and Policy:

The individuals who have an enthusiasm for environment related issues and have a four year graduate degree in Architecture, Geography and related fields can apply to this course. The course will incorporate the investigation of livelihood exercises, social composition and privileges of the tenants, and additionally resources, infrastructure and administrations required by occupants.

Course details:

Tata Institute of Social Sciences offers M.A. furthermore, M.Sc. programs in Habitat Policy and Practice.

9. Spa Management:

A decent spa unwinds your body and takes you to an alternate world. Spa management and training is something we haven’t heard many individuals doing. Things being what they are, from where do Spa centres get these great masseurs and therapists? A spa coaching institute will show you all that you need to think about a decent spa and how you can make a profession out of it.

Course details:

Ananda spa institute in Hyderabad is a good choice to consider.

10. Bachelor of Rural Studies:

On the off chance that your heart lies in Indian villages and you need to do significantly more than simply go as a vacationer and snap pictures, this course is perfect for you. The course gives you a chance to take part in different rural and community development exercises.

Course details:

A few colleges in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh conduct the course. Bhavnagar University in Gujarat offers Bachelor and Masters in Rural Studies.

These were a few new career ideas from SayTooLoud, just for you. Think different! Be different!

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