10 Step Plan For A Successful Career Change!

Looking for a career change? If so, then here is a 10 step plan that will put you on a much sure footing, as you eye a change.


1. Like and Dislike assessment:

What do you actually like doing when you’re grinding away, when you’re at home – in your extra time. What energizes you and stimulates you? What’s your passion? In case you’re truly uncertain, consider taking one of these career assessments. The key is investing some time rediscovering self — and utilizing your self-assessment to coordinate your new career change.

2. Researching new career ideas:

Invest some time examining the sorts of careers that surround your interests. Try not to stress in case you’re feeling somewhat uncertain or insecure — it’s a characteristic part of the career change process.

You can locate some good career information and a skill-matching at O*NET Online from the U.S. Department of Labor and fundamental job info. from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

3. Skills that can be transferred:

Take forward some of your present skills and experiences to your new career. There are numerous skills, (e.g. planning, communication etc.) that are transferable and relevant to what you need to do in your new career.

4. Education and training:

You may think that its important to upgrade your skills and expand your knowledge base. Take it gradually. Take a course or two to guarantee you truly like the topic. In the event that you are going for another certification or degree, ensure you check the accreditation of the school, and get some data about the placement scenario. It would help you to get brighter career opportunities.

5. Establishing a network:

One of the genuine keys for effective change of career will be your networking skills. Individuals in your network might have the capacity to give you job leads, offer you guidance and info about a specific organization or industry, and acquaint you with others, so you can extend your network.

6. Having experience:

Keep in mind that, actually, you are beginning your profession again from the starting point. Getting a part-time job or volunteering in your new professional field can not just solidify your choice, as well as give you much required experience in your new career.

7. Find a mentor:

Discover a mentor who can help you through the tough patches. Your guide may likewise have the capacity to help you by making use of his or her network.

8. Changing within or out:

Unfortunately, just the extremely progressive employers perceive that once cheerful employees can be happy and beneficial again – in an alternate capacity. It’s more than likely that you switch bosses to change fields, however, don’t neglect your present employer. Keep in mind not to begin requesting a job switch until the point when you are totally prepared to do as such.

9. Basics of job hunting:

In the event that it’s been a while since you’ve needed to utilize your job hunting tools and abilities, present, is an ideal opportunity for a refresher course. Consider investing some time with at least one of the tutorials.

10. Flexibility:

You ought to be adaptable about almost everything – from your job status to relocating and salary compensation. Set positive objectives for yourself, yet expect challenges and change – and don’t give these things a chance to get you down.

Found these tips to be useful? We think so. You can also seek career help, before going in for a career change.

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