1 Year Diploma Courses After 12th With Best Courses List

Furnishing before you, the list of 1 Year Diploma Courses After 12th, and information about them such as the course duration, eligibility criteria etc.

1 Year Diploma Courses After 12th With Best Courses List

We are here to furnish you with the details of the 1 year Diploma courses after 12th. Going through this blog will help you to know about the various course options under this category. First of all, we will take you through the list of the various vocational programs.

List of top 1 year Diploma courses after 12th:

– B.Voc Degree in Patient Care Management

Duration- 3 years

(1 year Diploma, 2 years Adv. Diploma is also present)

– Diploma in X-Ray Technology and Ultrasound Assistance

– Diploma in Geriatic Care- 1 year

Duration- 1 year

– Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

– B.Voc Degree in Medical Imaging Technology

Duration- 3 years

(1 year Diploma, Adv. 2 years Diploma is also present)

Now we will take you through some of the above mentioned courses, furnishing a few more details.

Details of a few 1 year Diploma courses after 12th:

-: Diploma in X-Ray Technology and Ultrasound Assistance :

Diploma programs under X-Ray technology are frequently combined with various medical assisting programs. Students undergo courses that range across X-ray procedures, basic lab work and clerical tasks. This program incorporates a blend of classroom lectures, lab sessions and clinical experiences. A few schools even offer a part of the coursework in the online platform The syllabus more often than not incorporates various opportunities in terms of hands-on training. Some of the common course topics comprise of:

– X-ray positioning techniques

– Radiographic procedures

– Anatomy and Physiology

– Patient care procedures etc…

X-Ray Technician Diploma and Associate’s degree program graduates are set up for entry level positions operating x-ray equipment in an assortment of medical settings, however a state licensure might be required for a few jobs. The individuals who finish programs that incorporate medical assisting coursework can likewise look for jobs as medical receptionists, medical assistants or health plan co-ordinators.

X-Ray technicians can look for jobs at below places:

– Clinics

– Outpatient care centers

– Doctor’s office

– Hospitals etc…

Salary Scenario

The salary of Radiology technologists was $58,520 back in 2015.

-: Diploma in Geriatic Care –

This diploma course will set up the students for a job in the Geriatric sector.

Eligibility criteria:

The basic qualifications that are essential for admission to this course are 10th pass and 10+2 (Higher Secondary). In any case, the individuals who have experience in this field of Geriatric care, just require to forward their Matriculation papers.

List of top institutes offering PG Diploma in Geriatric Care:

– KMM Academy of Health Sciences, Kerala, VM Residency, Pettah, Kochi-682 038.

– Global Educare Trust, Shakarpur. New Delhi.

– National Institute of Social Defence, Govt. of India, at Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, Agartala, Kolkata, Bangalore etc.

– Global Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS), New Delhi

Career Prospects:

India is dealing with a rising “Geriatric (elderly) population” and there is an acute demand for people who can offer quality care to countless elderly individuals.

This calls for courses like Diploma in Geriatric Care. The course will deliver quality professions and will make the students eligible to provide suitable service to the elderly populace. Students will be able to:

– Tackle emergencies

– Offer Geriatric care

– Properly communicate with the service user

– Show the understanding of different Geriatric health issues

-: B.Voc Degree in Patient Care Management-

About Bachelor of Vocational Degree (B.Voc):

It is to a great extent focused towards youth who wish to enhance their employability opportunities to learn, earn and grow in their careers. The upside of these courses is that as opposed to common degree courses such as B.Com or B.Sc or Engineering. In this case, you have numerous exit points and a continued industry exposure. The work experience builds your odds of landing a job. One may likewise discover inventive, trendy and newer expertise areas that are in sync with your interests and job aspirations.

Eligibility criteria:

Students who have completed their 12th standard or equivalent exam, are eligible for the B.Voc (Bachelor of Vocational Degree) courses in several fields.

List of top Universities/Colleges for the B.Voc Degree program:

– Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

– Chaiduar College, Assam

– Shree Manibhai & Smt. Navalben Virani Science College, “Yogidham Gurukul”, Kalawad Road, Gujarat

– Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, Bengaluru – 560 012

– St. Thomas College, Thrissur Kerala

This was the overview of 1 year Diploma courses after 12th. On similar lines, SayTooLoud is your source of information for DMLT course after 10th and Diploma courses after 12th in Medical.

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